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PermaSEAL 7 Clear Diagonal Stud Tanking Membrane 40m²

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PermaSEAL 7 is a high quality tanking membrane suitable for use below ground in cavity drain systems or above ground to isolate damp walls and floors. Available as membrane only or as a kit. 

Tanking Membrane

PermaSEAL 7 Clear is a high quality clear tanking membrane for waterproofing walls, floors and ceilings in new or existing buildings. It can be used above or below ground, over a contaminated or damp background, and support a dry lining or flooring system. With a unique diagonal 7.5mm stud configuration, it provides 5.3 litres of drainage volume per m² making it ideal as a cavity drain tanking membrane.

PermaSEAL 7 Tanking Membrane (non-meshed) is available in rolls of 2m x 20m = 40m².

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Uses of PermaSEAL 7 Tanking Membrane

PermaSEAL 7 Clear Diagonal Stud Tanking Membrane is versatile and can be used in a range of applications, including walls, floors, ceilings above and below ground.

Wall Tanking Membrane

It can be used as a tanking membrane for walls both above and below ground. The stud profile provides good drainage for Type C systems but the membrane’s inert nature makes it equally suitable as a wall tanking membrane above ground, isolating damp or contaminated backgrounds. 

Basement Tanking Membrane

As a basement tanking membrane, PermaSEAL 7 Clear forms part of a Type C (drained protection) system in accordance with BS 8102:2009. When a below ground waterproofing system is specified, it is essential PermaSEAL 7 cavity drain tanking membrane is installed along with the PermaSEAL drainage system including sump and pump system. 

Tanking Membrane Kits

Our PermaSEAL 7 is available as a single membrane roll or as a Tanking Membrane Kit which contain all the components you need to install except the drill and a hammer:

  • 1 x PermaSEAL 7 Clear Tanking Membrane 2m x 20m (40m²)
  • 1 x PermaSEAL Tape (for membrane jointing)
  • 2 x PermaSEAL Brick Plugs With Sealing Washers Bag of 100
  • 1 x 10mm SDS Drill Bit

Tanking Membrane Installation

PermaSEAL 7 Clear Diagonal Tanking Membrane is easy to install. The installation instructions varies depending on application - please download and consult the technical downloads in the tab. 


It’s important to protect PermaSEAL 7 Clear with suitable surface finishes. Download the data sheet to see the full range of finishes for walls, ceilings and floors.

Note: Clear tanking membranes should be permanently protected from UV light as this can affect the membrane making it brittle and substantially shortening its service life. This applies for storage and when installed.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

If you have any questions about our PermaSEAL 7 diagonal tanking membrane, then give us a call on 0117 982 3282. As proud tanking membrane suppliers, our experts are on hand to answer your questions and help you specify the correct tanking membrane for your project.

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  • 7.5mm stud depth providing 5.3 litres of drainage volume per m²
  • Diagonal stud configuration
  • High compressive load bearing strength 200kN/m²
  • Guaranteed against deterioration for 30 years when installed correctly
  • Waterproof, salt-resistant, root-resistant, contaminant-resistant
  • Easy to bend, form around windows, doors, vaulted ceilings etc
  • Easy to cut with scissors
  • Low & high temperature tolerances
  • Resistant to bacteria, fungi, and other small organisms
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