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Lignum Pro Gel Fungicide and Insecticide 7.5kg

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£150.00 Inc VAT

Ready to use deep penetrating “mayonnaise” type paste for the control and prevention of attack by wood boring insects and wood rotting fungi.

Fungicide and Insecticide Gel 

Lignum Pro Fungicide and Insecticide Gel eradicates and prevents the re-infestation of wood boring insects. It also protects timber against wood-destroying fungi in timber that is susceptible to rotting.

This Lignum dual treatment gel is similar in consistency to mayonnaise, allowing it to penetrate deep into the timber. The active ingredients – an insecticide and fungicide - then get to work eradicating and preventing attack by the house longhorn beetle, termites and other woodboring insects. Lignum PRO GEL is effective against all life stages of wood boring insects. The fungicide is highly effective and provides timber with lasting protection from a range of wood rotting fungi.

This superior professional product is easy to use, has no odour, is non-staining, non flammable and can be applied by injection or brush. It is a great option when conventional fluid methods may not be suitable. This includes timber that is prone to decay such as:

  • wall plates
  • joists
  • rafter ends
  • gutter boards
  • soffits
  • lintels
  • large cross section beams particularly in old buildings and timbers permanently in contact with the ground.

How Does Lignum Pro Fungicide and Insecticide Gel Work

The active ingredients in the gel are highly effective against a wide range of wood boring insects. The fungicide it contains has excellent efficacy against fungal decay. IPBC is added to protect against a range of wood-staining fungi.

How to Use Lignum Pro Fungicide and Insecticide Gel

Start by cleaning the target wood, ensuring it is free from all contaminants. You can then apply the gel either by brush or injection. Injection into the timber is particularly recommended when treating Death Watch Beetle.

The product does not have a finish once dry, but it is advisable to test it on a small area to ensure the finish is as expected. The gel can be over-painted with any wood finish once dry with no losses due to evaporation.


Preventative: 100 – 200 ml/m2 (1 Litre per 5 – 10 m2)
Curative: 250 ml/m2 (1 Litre per 4 m2)
Injection: 30 kg/m3


Further Reading

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  • Eradicates wood boring insects and prevents re-infestation
  • Protects against wood rotting fungi
  • BS EN Certification
  • No drips, no odour, does not evaporate.
  • Excellent adhesion and penetration into wood.
  • Excellent efficacy
  • No re-entry time
  • Does not stain or discolour wood
  • Supports any subsequent finishing
  • Non-flammable
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