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Newton HydroCoat 203-RM - Rapid Set & High Strength Repair Mortar 25kg

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A fast-setting high strength structural repair mortar. Ideal for the durable repair of concrete in roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths.

Newton Repair Mortar

Newton HydroCoat 203-RM is a rapid-setting structural repair mortar. It is designed primarily for the durable repair of concrete. Utilising all the latest technology this Portland cement-based and fibre-reinforced product is extremely strong and hard wearing. This makes it ideal for roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths.

Requiring only the addition of water, this single component mortar is rapid curing. Newton HydroCoat 203 quick set mortar is physically and chemically compatible with the host concrete. This means it is quick to exhibit a high adhesive and compressive strength.

Uses of Newton HydroCoat 203-RM

Newton HydroCoat 203-RM is used on floors that are subjected to heavy wear such as:

  • roads
  • runways
  • bridges
  • decks
  • floors
  • footpaths

It can also be used as a smoothing fillet for use with Newton Liquid Waterproofing Membranes.

The repair mortar can be used as supplied up to 100mm deep. It can also be bulked out with clean, washed, sharp sand to form a high performance screed or for floor or deck repairs up to maximum depth of 300mm.

One bag of Newton HydroCoat 203-RM produces 13.3 litres of usable product and up to 23 litres when bulked out with aggregate. When used to create a smoothing fillet, one bag of Newton HydroCoat 203-RM will produce 42.5 linear metres of a fillet that is 25 mm x 25 mm.

Applying Newton Rapid Set Repair Mortar

Newton HydroCoat 203-RM should only be installed by those experienced in structural waterproofing. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for full details across the range of applications.

Preparation - Start by mechanically removing all damaged concrete back to a sound core. Ideally you want to expose the steel reinforcement to at least 25mm behind the bars and 50mm beyond the point at which corrosion is visible.

The perimeter of the repair area should be stepped to a depth of 10mm using a saw, disc cutting or preferably a power chisel.

Make sure that all areas to be repaired are free from dust, oil, grease, corrosion by-products and all organic growth. Any smooth surfaces should be roughened with any surface laitance removed.

You should now thoroughly soak the prepared surface with clean water until uniformly saturated. Ensure there is no standing water.

Mixing - Mechanically mix Newton HydroCoat 203-RM using a forced action pan mixer or in a clean drum using a drill and paddle.

Normal applications =  typically use 3.5 litres of clean water per 25 kg bag. 

Part bags = use 5.5 volumes of powder to one volume of water.

TIP - In cold temperatures, tepid water may be used to adjust working life.

Important Note: The product cannot be mixed using a normal concrete mixer. Pot life is about 10 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity. For screeding applications or deep repairs consult technical sheets.

Application -  For normal applications, Newton Repair Mortar should be compacted using a placing technique to remove entrapped air. You should do this in layers not exceeding 50mm in vertical or soffit situations, or 100mm deep in pockets. When bulking out to the maximum of 300mm, support with shuttering and compact to remove entrapped air.

Do not polish the surface with a steel float, but use a stiff brush on the wet surface to provide a slip-resistant finish.

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

Permagard are proud to stock a wide range of John Newton Waterproofing products. If you have any questions about Newton rapid set repair mortar contact our technical team on 0117 982 3282. 


  • Utilises the latest cement chemistry, fibre and styrene acrylic copolymer technology
  • Reliable strength development, even at sub-zero temperatures, gives rapid return to service
  • Prepackaged material only requires mixing with clean water. Can be bulked out with sand or aggregate
  • High bond strength exceeds tensile strength of concrete
  • Sets in 10 minutes at 20°C yielding a durable, high strength mortar
  • Dense matrix resists 10 bar water pressure
  • Very high diffusion resistance to acid gases and chloride ions
  • Sulphate resistance to class DS-5/5m of BRE Special Digest 1 and ideally suited for sewage and wastewater applications
  • Non-toxic when cured - authorised under Regulation 31 for use in the supply of potable drinking water
  • Economic mortar requiring no substrate or inter-layer priming. Part bags can be mixed