Newton 503 Mesh Membrane 20m²
This 3mm membrane is primarily used in damp and water proofing projects where space is an issue. The smaller stud height and ability to fix to the wall makes this membrane a user friendly and fully comprehensible choice.


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Mesh Membrane 20m²

Newton 503 Mesh is a meshed damp proof membrane for use either internally or externally. With its 3mm stud, Newton 503 Mesh is just over 3.5mm in overall thickness, and is the preferred meshed damp proof membrane where space is of a premium. Its high quality meshed surface provides an excellent 'key' for lime mortars, renders, plasters or dabbed plasterboard.

The damp proof membrane, Newton 503 Mesh has a life expectancy of at least 50 years (DIN 9001:2000). Newton 503 Lath is inert with high pressure stability. It is highly resistant to water, alkalise, saline solutions and organic acids, and is not effected by minerals. It is also resistant to bacteria, fungi and other small organisms.

Associated Newton Membrane Products for Damp Proof Membranes:

  • Newton Multiplugs - for fixing the membranes to walls
  • Newton 800 Mesh Plugs - for fixing the damp proof membranes to walls above ground, seal with mastic
  • Newton 800 Cob Plugs - for fixing the  membranes to poorer quality substrate such as cob walls
  • Newton Waterseal Rope - for sealing plugs
  • Newton Waterseal Tape - for sealing membrane joints
  • Newton 800 Mastic - an alternative to sealing with rope and tape


  • Ideal for when space is of a premium
  • Provides an excellent 'key' for various finishes 
  • Resistant to bacteria & fungi
Model: JN503M20
SKU JN503M20
Manufacturer: Newton Waterproofing
Packaging: individually
Size: 1 metre x 20 metres x 3mm
Coverage: 20m²
BBA Certificate: BBA certificateCertification No: 94/3010
Approved by the British Board of Agreement

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