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Newton Mesh Plugs - Bag of 200

100% of 100
£23.50 Ex VAT
£28.20 Inc VAT

Newton Mesh Membrane Fixing Plug for use internally and externally to secure Newton meshed membranes: Newton 805 Newlath and Newton 803 Newtonite.

Newtonite Mesh Membrane Plugs (A16)

New for 2022, Newton Mesh Plugs have been redesigned and repackaged in bags of 200. The new design allows for a better fix due to the longer plug shaft. With a new textured surface on the head of the plug, they also provide even better grip for renders and dot and dab. 

The Newton Mesh Membrane Plugs can be used on internal walls above ground to secure Newton meshed membranes: Newton 805 Newlath and Newton 803 Newtonite to the structure.

Use an 8mm SDS drill bit to drill through the Newton membrane into the substrate to a depth of at least 70mm prior to hammering home the Newton Mesh Plug. Once the hole is drilled and dust removed it should be primed with Newton 800 Mastic to prevent dampness tracking back along the plug. 

Alternatively, either Newton Waterseal Rope or Newton mastic can be wrapped around the head of the plug before it is hammered home to seal the plug to the Newton damp proofing membrane. Newton Mesh Plugs should be fixed at maximum centres of 250mm internally and closer around the edges and joins of the membrane.

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Permagard are proud to stock a wide range of Newton membranes and waterproofing products. If you have any questions about Newton products, or if we can help in any other way, please contact our technical team on 0117 982 3282.


  • Safely secures Newton mesh membranes
  • Suitable for internal use
  • Firm fix into substrates
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