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Newton 805 Newlath Mesh Membrane 15m²

£118.50 Ex VAT
£142.20 Inc VAT

Newton 805 Newlath is a clear meshed waterproofing membrane that insulates and isolates damp and contaminated walls. Used above ground where a surface key is required for the final wall finish. Its high quality meshed surface provides an excellent substrate for lime mortars, renders, plasters or dabbed plaster board.

Clear Meshed Damp Proofing Membrane - 15m²

Newton 805 Newlath is a damp proofing membrane with a rot-proof polythene mesh heat welded during the manufacturing process to the surface of one side. The meshed surface creates a mechanical key to allow the membrane to be plastered, rendered or to receive dot & dab plasterboard.

It is a universal membrane for use both internally and externally to protect buildings from the damaging effects of moisture ingress.

Newton 805 Newlath is one of a range of damp proofing membranes within the Newton System 800 range of damp proofing products. If the meshed surface is not required because the wall finish will be a block wall or timber or metal frame, use Newton 803 Clear instead.

This clear meshed damp proofing membrane is manufactured from 0.5mm thick high density polyethylene and has a pattern of raised studs linked by reinforcing ribs. The 5mm studs face the wall and create air channels that allow for vapour equalisation to take place between the membrane and the wall.

Benefits of Newton Meshed Membranes

Newton 805 Newlath is light, clean and easy to handle. It can be cut with a sharp knife, scissors or shears. The membrane is inert and is highly resistant to water, alkalis, saline solutions and organic acids, and it is not affected by minerals. It is also resistant to bacteria, fungi and small organisms.

Newton 805 Newlath is guaranteed against deterioration for 30 years, has a life expectancy of at least 50 years and is supported by BBA Certification Certificate Number 00/3716

Newton 805 Newlath Typical Applications:

  • As a damp proof base for renders, plasters or dot & dab plasterboard
  • As a dampproofing system to deal with rising damp
  • To protect exposed elevations against wind-driven rain
  • An external plaster base for timber frame structures

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  • Provides a surface that is totally separated and unaffected by the dampness within the wall ensuring that the wall finish will never be affected by moisture or salts
  • Superb 'key' for renders or plasters
  • No need to use injected damp proof courses which unnecessarily pump chemicals into the property
  • Completely moisture resistant but allows vapour diffusion
  • Quick and easy to install
  • In many cases, the existing render can be left on the wall
  • No requirement for damaging preparation to the wall surface
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