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Newton Trojan Foul Sump and Pump System

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A sewage pumping system designed for lifting sewage from basements to a higher level or directly to the sewage system.

Newton Sewage Pump System

Newton Trojan Foul Sump & Pump System is a specialist sewage pumping system ideal for a range of pumping tasks. These include lifting sewage from basements to a higher level sewage system or removing the sewage direct to the mains sewer.

The high quality HDPE sump is supplied as a 1m deep sump. This foul sump pump system comes with the Newton SP750 Cutter sewage pump. The SP750 is a high quality and durable pump featuring a tungsten carbide tipped cutting impeller that is highly effective at cutting up solid waste before pumping. It reduces the chance of blockages. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Newton Sewage Pump is only designed for biodegradeable human waste and toilet roll. It is not suitable for other items such as wet wipes, nappies etc.

Uses of Trojan Foul Sump and Pump System

The Trojan packaged Sump System is ideally suited as: 

  • a sewage lifting station for when the sewage invert is below the height of the main sewage system. When used for sewage, the Newton Trojan should only be used where the other toilet facilities are pumped to gravity. The foul sump system does not provide 24 hour storage capabilities and is therefore not suitable as a ‘whole house’ pumping system.
  • removing large volumes of ground and surface water delivered by gullies and surface drains. The system is clean water and effluent capable when supplied with the correctly specified pump.

What’s included in Trojan Foul Sump Pump System:

The Trojan Foul system is supplied with the following:

  • Newton SP750 Cutter sewage pump
  • Internal pipe work and fittings, including check and shut-off valves and release couplings
  • 1 x 110 mm invert flange with hole cutter
  • Large foot to base of chamber to prevent flotation
  • Basic locked & sealed lid and frame
  • 2 x 50 mm wall flanges ready for electrical conduit and vent pipe (not supplied)
  • Sewage and effluent alarm

Installing a Newton Trojan Foul Sump System

Foul sump installation

Start by finding a suitable location for the chamber. When doing this, you need to make sure that no underground cables, pipes or service ducts lie beneath it and that the sump lid is accessible once all works are complete. You need to make sure that there is enough space to receive the chamber, pipework and surrounding concrete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sump chamber needs to be supported by a concrete base and surrounded with a minimum of 150mm of well compacted concrete to prevent buoyancy. For full details of the concrete requirements consult manufacturer’s instructions.

Pump & Pipework Installation

Before inserting the sump into the ground, try fitting the pump into it to make sure that the pipework and fittings fit correctly. Once you’re happy that everything goes together correctly, you can remove the pump and reinstall it once the sump chamber is concreted in. 

All pipes including inlets and any vent pipes should be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The Trojan Foul Sump is supplied with 1 x 110 mm wall flange and 1 x hole cutter of the correct size for the wall flange. 

Important note: The pumps should only be connected to the electricity supply by a person suitably qualified.

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

Permagard are proud to stock a wide range of Newton membranes and drainage systems. If you have any questions about Newton pumped sewage systems, basement sump systems or drainage systems please call our team on 0117 982 3282. 


  • High quality highly reliable Newton SP750 cutter pump
  • Sump manufactured from high quality HDPE
  • Supplied with all internal pipework, non return valve and shut off valve
  • Inlet connections included for 1 x 110m and 3 x 50mm
  • Specially designed with large foot to base of chamber to prevent flotations
  • High level sewage and effluent alarm included
  • Compatible with Newton control systems if required