Platon Universal End Cap Drainage Connector
Blank off ends of channel runs with these end caps or create an outlet for a sump pump.

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Drainage Channel End Cap

The Platon Aqua Channel Universal End Outlet is used to either seal drainage channel ends or create a pipe outlet to allow for connection to a sump pump system.

  • Blanking Off Ends - the end cap is designed for use with the Platon Aqua Channel drainage channel to blank off ends.
  • Reducer Connector for Sump Pumps  - the end cap has a pop-out feature so you can also use it as a reducer for pipework entering a sump. It will reduce the discharge to 32mm diameter before entering the sump. This is done with standard plumbing pipe, which is solvent welded onto the adaptor. 

It is one of the connectors available in the Platon Aqua Channel basement drainage system. View all basement drainage channels and connectors


  • Quick and easy to install with push fit
  • Allows you to connect to a sump pump system with standard 32mm plumbing pipe
  • Can be used as a reducer as well as an end cap 
Manufacturer: Platon
Packaging: Individually
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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