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PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C - Multi Purpose Waterproofing

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The ultimate below ground waterproofing! Combines the qualities of a bitumen thick coating (PMBC) with a flexible waterproofing grout making it ideal for a range of applications.




MP 2C Structural Waterproof Coating 20kg

PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C is a high performance structural waterproofing ‘all-rounder’. Our multi-purpose, polymer modified thick coating combines the qualities of a bitumen thick coating (PMBC) with a flexible waterproofing grout.

Fast drying, highly flexible and with excellent crack-bridging capabilities, this waterproof and radon-tight coating is perfect for a wide range of structural waterproofing applications. It’s easy to apply even at scale with excellent workability, making it an essential for your next project.

MP 2C for external waterproofing below ground

MP 2C is the ideal system for external waterproofing of foundations and basements. With a high level of flexibility and ability to bridge cracks, it is a perfect waterproofing element in new build construction - able to cope with any movement as the structure settles. MP 2C protects against water pressure in a challenging environment, as well as harmful radon gas.

Uses of MP 2C

MP 2C leads the way in below ground waterproofing, both externally and internally. As a multi-purpose waterproof coating, MP 2C delivers across a number of applications:

  • Waterproofing of new builds and existing buildings
  • Waterproofing of vertical and horizontal surfaces (basement walls, foundations, base plates, balconies, terraces, podium decks, green roofs)
  • Plinth waterproofing against splashback
  • Bonding layer over old bitumen coatings
  • Horizontal waterproofing under walls and in the wall construction
  • Bonding below ground external insulation panels
  • Sealing of movement joints

It has high pressure resistance meaning it can accommodate load bearing situations and has excellent adhesion to most substrates.

How to Apply MP 2C

PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C is a versatile product that is easy to apply by trowel, brush or airless sprayer. This means it can cover any size project with the same high level of performance. It offers excellent workability when applied by brush or trowel.


Remove all loose material, laitance, dust and any previous coatings to ensure your contact surface is clean and sound. Fill any voids greater than 5mm deep using PermaSEAL Fillet Seal or mix MP 2C 1:1 with Quartz Aggregate. A scratch coat of MP 2C is sufficient to fill recesses up to 5mm deep. For interior application, any physical water ingress should be stopped with PermaSEAL Water Stop before over coating with PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C.

Please note: A scratch coat of PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C must be applied to all mineral surfaces, making sure to pre-wet the substrate before application of the scratch coat.


Mix the two components according to the downloadable technical datasheet.


Apply by brush, trowel or sprayer paying close attention to the thickness of each coat and ensuring the previous coat sets before applying the next coat. Full application instructions can be downloaded in our datasheet.

Important Note: PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C must be protected from rain until it is fully rain resistant (approx. 4 hrs).

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

PermaSEAL PRO MP 2C is the ultimate structural waterproofing compound, versatile and reliable across a wide range of applications. If you have any questions about your project or specific system then contact our technical helpline today.

Further reading

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  • Flexible polymer thick coating with ETA assessment
  • Bitumen-free and radon-proof
  • High compressive strength – 2500kN/m²
  • Fast drying with colour control between coats
  • High UV and frost-resistance, resistant to ageing
  • Crack bridging with high flexibility
  • No need for priming & can be painted and plastered over
  • Slows carbonation and chloride-proof
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