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PermaSEAL Double-Sided Jointing Tape 50mm x 10m

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A double-sided jointing tape used in building & construction to prevent the passage of water and / or air through joints in plastic membranes. Ideal for use with damp proof membranes and vapour control layers.

Double-Sided DPM Jointing Tape

PermaSEAL Double-Sided DPM Tape is highly effective at creating a continuous damp proof / air tight seal between two sheets of plastic membrane. It is used when membrane joints cannot be avoided or around protrusions through the membrane.

This double-sided DPM tape is supplied with a backing layer so it can be stuck to one surface first then the backing strip removed for the second layer to be stuck to it. The high tack formulation gives good instant grip to the clean surfaces and creates a water and/or air tight seal that remains flexible thoughout its service life.

Uses of Double-Sided DPM Tape

PermaSEAL double-sided tape is compatible with damp proof membranes, cavity drain membranes, vapour control layers, radon membranes and gas barrier membranes. It is also compatible with other plastic surfaces. 

Using Double-Sided DPM Tape

PermaSEAL Double-Sided DPM Jointing Tape should be applied to a clean, dust free plastic surface. PermaSEAL DPM Tape is manufactured from butyl, so it is important not to stretch the tape when unrolling it or applying it. Stretching can lead to creases being caused in the membrane as the tape reverts to its manufactured size.

  • Clean all contact surfaces 
  • Remove the outer plastic wrapping and pull back the DPM Tape
  • Stick the tape (with backing) to the first membrane making sure the membrane is flat with no creases
  • Press down the DPM tape to the first membrane to ensure a good adhesive bond
  • When ready start from one end and reveal the upper adhesive side of the tape whilst bonding the second DPM layer to the tape
  • Press down on the tape through the second membrane to ensure a water/ air tight seal

Click on the links for single sided DPM tape or to browse our 1200 Gauge membranes. For more information on jointing gas membranes, read our gas barrier installation guide.


  • Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • High tack formulation
  • Easy and accurate to use with little waste
  • Remains flexible throughout its service life
  • Softer composition makes the product highly conformable
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