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Roofing Scrim 1 metre x 25 metre

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A one-metre wide polyester-based mesh scrim for reinforcing green roofs as part of a Polyshield waterproofing system. Extend the life of your roof waterproofing.  

Large Reinforcing Scrim - One Metre Wide

High quality and affordable reinforcing scrim that is a reliable way to strengthen roof waterproofing. It is designed to increase the lifetime of the Polyshield roof waterproofing system. 

Uses of reinforcing roofing scrim

This reinforcing scrim should be used to reinforce Polyshield waterproofing on the following materials: 

  • Asbestos gutters and sheeting 
  • Rooflights 
  • Metal 
  • Bituminous felts/coatings 
  • Asphalt surfaces 
  • Felted surfaces
  • Single ply and Fibreglass roofs
  • Wood 

Reinforcing Scrim is recommended for all of the following when waterproofing a roof:

  • Upstands 
  • Curves
  • Joints
  • Skylight bases
  • Rainwater outlets
  • Gutter expansion joints
  • All repaired areas
  • All fixings
  • Any cracks, Splits, holes and joints                            

Applying Reinforcing Scrim

When adding reinforcement to Polyshield Liquid Roof Membrane you will apply a coat of Polyshield Basecoat over the entire area. Then cut the reinforcing scrim to size to cover the coated area - this can be done easily with scissors.

Lay the Reinforcing Scrim into the wet Polyshield Basecoat and press it in using a paintbrush/roller. Apply the Polyshield Topcoat over the mesh.       

When reinforcing horizontal laps, make sure the reinforcement follows the profile of the sheet exactly, eliminating any possibility of air pockets being trapped under the reinforcement.

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  • Provides full reinforcement
  • Easy to cut to size with scissors
  • Ready for use on most surfaces
  • Reinforced poly scrim