Salt Neutraliser 5 litre
Rating: 90 / 100

Neutralises salts in mineral building surfaces - everything from new plaster finishes to old stone.

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Salt Neutraliser

Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution that has been specifically developed to overcome the problem of salts in mineral building surfaces.


Getting Rid of Salts

With rising damp, salts contained in ground water are absorbed into the structural masonry of the building and subsequently into the internal plaster finishing coat.


There are many situations when the type of salts mean that the plaster finish remains in good condition. In these cases, Salt Neutraliser can be used to neutralise the salts in the sound plaster finish, which saves considerable time and expense by not having to re-plaster these areas.

If the rising damp has been severe, the plaster finish can de-bond and must then be removed. Re-plastering then needs to be carried out in accordance with the appropriate specification (see Permaproof Waterproofer) to prevent any residual salts in the structural masonry migrating into new plaster finishes.

There are many other occasions where, even after re-plastering, salts efflorescence can be seen on the new plaster finish. In the majority of cases, the efflorescence is due to other factors such as drying out, plumbing or rainwater leaks, condensation or salts in construction materials or salty bricks rather than a failed damp proof cause. Salt Neutraliser is an ideal product to treat the problem.


How Salt Neutraliser Works

Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution that combines acetic acid with a surfactant. The neutraliser reacts immediately with the salts in the substrate.


Directions for use

  1. Brush away or remove all loose salts
  2. Thoroughly soak the affected area with clean tapwater
  3. Apply Salt Neutraliser by brush or roller to areas showing salts contamination.

Note: Some frothing may occur – this is due to the reaction of Salt Neutraliser with the salts and you should allow some time for the neutralising action to be completed. A white deposit may be left on the surface where original efflorescence has taken place and this can be difficult to remove.

  1. If re-decoration is to be applied to the treated surface, the area should be washed with water and allowed to dry. Do not re-decorate until all treated areas are thoroughly dry.


This will vary with the type of surface and substrate: 1 litre of concentrate should treat 5 to 10 m².


  • Neutralises the action of salts to prevent or reduce efflorescence
  • Applicable to all mineral building surfaces
  • Can be used as a concentrate or diluted with water
  • Reacts immediately with the salts in the substrate
  • Prevents further movement of salts through the substrate


Manufacturer: Permagard
Dillution: Neat or 1:1 with clean water
Size: 5 litres
Coverage: 25 - 50m² per 5 litre container depending on the substrate
Model: SN
Packaging: each
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

It works

It works, saving time , money and a lot less mess .
Review by g.j.m

Problem solved

thanks for the advice, removed the salts with this product then applied Microshield to stop it coming back and to dry the wall out.
Review by Anon

Removed my salt problem

I purchased the salt neutraliser as it was recommended by a friend who had used it in combination with Permaproof waterproofer to combat a salt issue on an internal chimney breast suffering with salt deposits with great success. I very easily sprayed it onto my external brick wall which has been showing salt efflorescence for a few years now. I applied two coats and by the second coat all of the salts and staining had disappeared. Very pleased with the product, delivery speed and company. I would recommend to anyone who has salt problems.

Best regards

Jonathon Lanox
Review by Mr J Lanox

Great product...

Excellent! Saved me a lot of time and money!
Review by Mr Miller

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