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Osmocote PrePlant Fertiliser

£10.50 Ex VAT
£12.60 Inc VAT
Slow release sedum fertiliser granules, perfect all year round nutrition for green roof sedum and other plants, trees and shrubs.

Sedum Roof Fertiliser

Osmocote PrePlant 17-9-10 +2MgO + TE is an all season fertiliser that slowly releases nutrients throughout the year to keep your sedum green roof as healthy as possible. One to two applications a year is all that’s required so there’s no need for constant feeding of the plants.

Resin coating technology allows for a steady release of nutrients, with the release determined by soil temperature. Faster release during warmer temperatures and slower release during colder temperatures.

Each 1kg bag will cover approximately 20m² for your sedum. Simply scatter the granules over the area.

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If you have any technical questions about Osmocote PrePlant sedum roof fertiliser, call our expert team on 0117 982 3282. 

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  • Coating technology for extended nutrient release
  • Minimal feeds throughout the year
  • Easy to use
  • Added trace elements
  • Perfect for any stage of growth
  • High NPK content