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PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Trays

100% of 100
£96.50 Ex VAT
£115.80 Inc VAT

Create an attractive and long-lasting sedum green roof with our instant ‘all-in-one’ Sedum Roof Trays.



Our sedum trays are delivered on a pallet to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition. This means we need to charge £80 (ex. VAT) for delivery regardless of how many trays you order (up to 45 trays). The £80 delivery cost is built into the price of the first individual tray - each additional tray is then charged at £16.50 (ex VAT) with no extra delivery cost.

If you require more than 45 trays (one full pallet), please call us. Alternatively, you can place a second order for the additional trays.

Sedum Trays for Green Roofs

PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Trays allow you to instantly create an attractive, long lasting and easily maintainable sedum green roof. With these innovative trays, a pre-established sedum green roof is simply installed over the roof waterproofing by placing and interlocking the trays to give immediate greening to the area. They are the perfect DIY solution, ideal for extensions, sheds, garden offices and practically any type of outdoor structure.

Each ‘all-in-one’ sedum tray combines drainage, water storage, a specially formulated substrate layer and 16 species of sedum grown from seed over a 12 month period. Each tray measures 460mm x 495mm x 80mm, meaning they are easy to manage and suitable for the hardest to reach areas.

Where can I install Sedum Roof Trays?

PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Trays are easy to install, even in hard to reach areas. They are suitable for use on a variety of flat roofs, and some shallow pitched roofs, including:

  • Extensions
  • Garden offices
  • Sheds
  • Bike stores
  • Bin stores
  • Commercial decks

Note: PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Tray is suitable for some pitched roofs. Please contact a member of our technical team for further information.

Benefits of Sedum Roof Trays

Ideal for professionals and DIYers alike, the PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Tray System offers many benefits (including over traditional green roof systems):

  • ‘All-in-one’ drainage, water storage, substrate and sedum system
  • Instant greening of roof with established sedum
  • Easy slot together modular trays
  • Easy to install for one person with manageable tray size and weight
  • Fully established sedum grown from seed over 12 months
  • 16 varieties of sedum
  • Perfect balance of drainage and water storage for healthy roots
  • Easily removable for instant access to the waterproofing layer
  • Easily transported by hand into hard-to-reach areas
  • Excellent sedum coverage in each tray – as close to 100% as possible

About the Sedum in our trays

The PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Tray build-up is completed with the best looking and most diverse sedum vegetation layer on the market. Each tray is grown from 16 carefully selected seed varieties, giving excellent overall coverage that will flourish over the 12 month growing period. and this is down to careful nurturing and attention to detail during the growing period. The end result is a simple but highly effective sedum green roof system which will instantly transform your roof into a sea of green and colour.

How many PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Trays do I need?

It’s important to calculate the correct number of trays for your project. Our sedum trays measure 460mm x 495mm x 80mm. For every 4.5 trays purchased, you’ll cover a 1m² area. This means that you need 45 trays for 10m2 and that’s a full pallet quantity. Although you want to be accurate with the tray system, it can be a good idea to order a couple of extras in case you need to cut any to suit odd angles or for the unlikely event that you drop or damage one.

Installing sedum roof trays

The sedum green roof tray system is quick and easy to install thanks to its ‘ready to go’ nature. Each PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Tray comes with interlocking sides for efficient installation, with no previous experience required. Simply place one tray on the roof and connect it with the next one. 

You can cut the tray using a wood saw if required for certain detailing or run lengths. Just make sure that the cut side is placed against the previous tray rather than left as the exposed side so the substrate doesn’t fall out. For full installation instructions consult the downloadable data sheet. 

Important note: We recommend the sedum trays are installed on the roof within 48 hours of receiving them.

Maintaining your sedum green roof

The sedum trays’ innovative design means that rainwater drains efficiently but sufficient water is retained for the sedum roots to access water in dry periods. The depth of the substrate layer has been carefully calculated to suit the root depth of the sedum species. Each PermaSEAL Sedum Roof Tray is designed to provide the optimal combination of water, nutrients and oxygen to the roots. During prolonged dry periods of over two weeks, we recommend extra watering.

PermaSEAL - Sedum Roof Tray Suppliers

If you have any questions about sedum roof trays or any other green roof system then please contact our team today. We’re passionate about green roofs and their benefits for homeowners and the wider environment.

Find out more about green roof trays or click through for an overview of the green roofs we have available. You can also browse our green roof systems and learn about our PRO range of green roof drainage and storage membranes.  



  • Easy to maintain ‘instant’ sedum green roof
  • Fast and simple installation
  • All-in-one trays covering drainage, water storage & sedum
  • Simple slot together modular sedum roof trays
  • Lightweight
  • 16 species of sedum grown from seed
  • Innovative sedum modular roof tray system
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