Aqueous DPC Injection Fluid Super Concentrate 2ltr
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Traditional water-based DPC Injection fluid to be injected at high pressure normally into the brick.

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DPC Injection Fluid

This super concentrated DPC injection fluid, when diluted with water as specified, is used to create a chemical damp proof course (dpc) in walls above ground level where an existing DPC has broken down or an orthodox DPC is missing. 

Once diluted, this Aqueous DPC Injection fluid is injected into the substrate via a high pressure injection machine (normally available from tool hire shops). The chemical is injected until saturation of the substrate which is normally visible on the surface. The dpc fluid then reacts with the air and cures to form a water repellent barrier to stop damp from rising past the new chemical damp proof course.

Using DPC Injection Fluid

Select the course to be treated - this should be at least 150mm above external ground level (BS Code of Practice 102). Unless structural considerations prevent doing so it is important that the DPC should be below the level of any timber floor. Installation should be in accordance with BS 6576:1985 Code of Practice for installation of Chemical Damp Proof Courses.

Expose the line of the proposed DPC by removing all external render. Lower external ground levels where necessary without affecting the structural stability of the wall. Remove skirting and fixings and put to one side if sound to be re-fixed. Inspect associated flooring timbers and joinery for fungal decay and treat if necessary. Remove internal plaster to expose the line of the proposed DPC. Plaster should be removed to a minimum height of 1 metre or 500mm above the last visible evidence of dampness. Advise interested parties of possible inconvenience e.g. neighbours with party walls. Install safety notices and advise other trades of risks.

Brickwork – drill the selected course, two holes per stretcher and one hole per header to a depth two thirds the depth of the brickwork. The hole size depends on equipment used. Injection is continued until there is a continuous band of treatment on the face of the brickwork using a pressure of up to 70 psi depending on substrate.

Single skin walls 115mm are drilled from one side.

Solid 230mm walls are preferably treated from both sides but progressive drilling can be used where this is not possible. The first skin is drilled and injected before through drilling and injecting into the second skin using average time taken for the near skin.

Thicker walls can be treated using the same progressive drilling and injecting method.

Where bricks prove too dense to allow adequate penetration of fluid drilling and injecting can be carried out in the mortar course, the holes being not more than 75mm (3”) apart. Check mortar course is sound. A lower pressure may be necessary for mortar course injection.

DPC for Stonework
The treatment is generally as for brickwork although the drilling pattern may vary.

Rubble Filled Stonework
Both skins are treated as above although from one side the holes are drilled through to the centre of the wall and injected to achieve treatment throughout its thickness.

General Continuity of treatment throughout the wall should be ensured irrespective of technique.

This will vary according to the nature and porosity of the substrate. A general guide for 9” (230mm) brickwork would be 3 litres of diluted product per linear metre run.


When re-plastering after treatment it is essential that a correct re-plastering specification is used to prevent contamination of the new surface by residual moisture and contaminant salts in the structure. This function has to be carried out strictly in accordance with the Permagard Re-plastering specification.



  • Super concentrated formulation
  • Solvent free
  • Dilute with water on site
  • Over 20 years proven performance
  • High pressure injection
  • Creates a chemical damp proof course
Model: DPAQ2
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: Individually
Size: 2 Litres
Dilution: 2 litres of concentrate with 23 litres water to make 25 litres of ready-to-use product
Coverage: A general guide for 9” (220mm) brick work would be 3 litres of diluted fluid per metre run
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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