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PermaSEAL Renovating Plaster Bags Bulk

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Buy renovating plaster in bulk and save - control wall dampness in old properties, and stop salts and control damp following the installation of a new damp proof course.


Renovating Plaster Bags - Bulk Buy

Our Renovating Plaster is a pre-mixed, dry-bagged restoration plaster containing perlite. It has been developed to control dampness passing through the plastered walls of old properties. This lightweight, cement-based plaster can also be applied shortly after the insertion of a new damp proof course or used in conjunction with basement tanking systems such as PermaSEAL Tanking Slurry (also available in white slurry) and Crystalline Tanking Slurry

It is designed to have similar properties to a 1:1:6 cement : lime : sand plastering mortar, but with Perlite lightweight aggregate replacing the sand. 

Listening to feedback from our customers, we have made the decision to offer PermaSEAL Renovating Plaster by the pallet. This makes it more convenient for larger renovation jobs and allows us to pass on savings directly to you. You can buy it in the following quantities

  • 10 bags
  • 20 bags
  • 30 bags
  • 40 bags

Looking for a single 20kg Renovating Plaster Bucket?

PermaSEAL renovating plaster contains waterproofing and salt inhibiting additives that controls dampness passing through walls. The special formulation minimises efflorescence and controls pattern staining as well as inhibiting mould growth. Man-made fibres are also incorporated to control shrinkage and improve flexural strength. Our Renovating Plaster also improves thermal performance, reducing the risk of condensation on internal walls and in basement areas.

This Renovating Plaster can also be used in conjunction with SBR Bonding Additive to further improve the overall resistance to moisture and salts and to further control shrinkage. It should be used in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5492:1990 Code of Practice for Interior Plastering.

Using Renovating Plaster


Renovating Plaster also known as restoration plaster can be used for plastering most traditional background materials during renovation work. It is not recommended for use over plasterboard, similar paper-faced building boards or backgrounds having a bituminous coating or traces of gypsum.


Thoroughly wet or prime all areas that have high suction with SBR Bonding Additive. Apply a coat of SBR Bonding Additive or hack off to provide a mechanical key to all smooth dense surfaces. Surfaces with high levels of salt contamination may require further preparation. This may include treatment with Permagard Salt Neutraliser.


Do not exceed a mixing time of more than five minutes when mixing by machine. When mixing by hand add half the contents of the bag to approximately 9.5 - 11 litres of water and mix. Then add the remainder of the bag and mix (add more water if required) to obtain the correct consistency. Renovating Plaster will be easier to use if it is allowed to stand for a few minutes before it is applied to the wall.


Renovating Plaster should be applied at a thickness of 10 - 15mm per coat. For best results, apply two coats a minimum of 24 hours apart, not exceeding 25mm total thickness for the two coats. Between coats and before the application of a finishing coat, the surface should be combed or lightly scratched to provide a mechanical key.


The backing coat should be allowed to set and dry for a minimum of 24 hours, preferably longer, particularly under adverse curing conditions. limelite High-Impact Finishing Plaster would be the only suitable finish and these should be applied at 2 - 3mm thickness. A high quality wood float can be used when the scratch coat is to be left as the finish.

Note: Final decoration should not take place for at least 12 months following DPC treatment.

Read our guide to re-rendering after a DPC.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

If you’ve not used our renovating plaster before or have any technical questions about it, call our expert team on 0117 982 3282.


  • Significant savings from buying renovating plaster in bulk
  • Contains waterproofing and salt inhibiting additives
  • Man-made fibres control shrinkage & improve flexural strength
  • Improved thermal performance due to Perlite and helps prevent condensation
  • Durable - should last for the duration of the DPC
  • Breathable - allows substrates to dry naturally after application
  • Prevents formation of black mould & damp
  • Easy to use - very light weight and premixed for quality control
  • 20 kg bag for safe manual handling
  • Fibre reinforced to eliminate cracking
  • Inhibits rusting of angle beads, conduits etc
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