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Kiesol C High Strength DPC Injection Cream 5L

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Highest strength & highest performance damp proofing cream on the market providing a permanent horizontal barrier against rising damp in masonry.

Damp Proofing Cream Tub

Kiesol C is the next generation Damp Proofing Cream: high strength, high performance, deep penetration, and long lasting rising damp protection to provide peace of mind for the homeowner.

It is the highest strength damp proofing cream in the world with an active ingredient (silane ) level of 80% which is more than any other damp proofing cream on the market.

How Kiesol C cream works

Kiesol C is injected into a 12mm hole drilled into the mortar joint approximately 75mm-150mm above ground level. The cream is then left to revert to its liquid phase and penetrate the masonry surrounding the hole.

As Kiesol C penetrates the substrate, it carries the high level of active ingredients into the masonry. The silanes then line the capillaries in the substrate to create a water repellent barrier. This water repellent barrier in the masonry is the new chemical damp proof course and will stop rising damp in the substrate permanently.



WTA approved Damp Proofing Cream

Kiesol C is approved by the German WTA for treating rising damp in highly saturated walls with a moisture saturation level of up to 95%.

The WTA test method is particularly tough on DPC products because the test walls are subjected to continual damp with no "dwell period" to assist the curing of the cream. The test is carried out at three levels of saturation; 60%, 80%, and 95%. Kiesol C Damp Proof Cream passed the most extreme test at 95% saturation, proving its high performance even in the toughest conditions.


Check out our guide for more information on using DPC injection creams to treat rising damp or return to see our full range of damp proofing creams.


  • Effective permanent protection against rising damp
  • Highly concentrated active ingredient (80% silane) ensures high performance
  • Fast to install - generally 2 - 3 times quicker than conventional high pressure liquid DPC injection methods
  • WTA Approved for use in highly-saturated masonry
  • Simple installation with minimal mess - low pressure injection ensures correct dosage and less chance of spillage
  • Manufactured and formulated in Germany
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