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DPM Handy Pack - 300mu 1200 gauge - 4m x 5m

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A 1200 gauge black DPM designed for use in solid concrete ground floors – available as a handy pack ideal for smaller damp proofing jobs.

Black DPM for Concrete Floors

This low density 1200 gauge polyethylene membrane protects buildings from moisture in the ground. As a DPM for concrete floors, it is designed for use with solid ground floors that are not subject to hydrostatic pressure.

The DPM membrane provides a barrier that prevents ground water transmitting to the final floor finish whether that’s timber, laminate, carpet or tiles. DPMs of this quality provide long term protection to the upper surface of the floor from damage. You should always consider a DPM before installing any flooring at ground level. 

Capital Valley Plastics pride themselves on the durability of their membranes. Under normal conditions, the polythene DPM will act as an effective barrier to moisture for the duration of the concrete slab. This means that you can rest assured that your final floor finish is protected from water damage.

The 1200 gauge membrane has a DPM thickness of 300μm, making it highly puncture resistant. On smooth or blinded surfaces, the DPM membrane will not be damaged by normal foot or site traffic such as wheelbarrows. However, care must be taken to avoid damage during installation, particularly when handling building materials and equipment over the surface and when laying concrete or screeds.

DPM Uses

 The black DPM can be installed in the following ways:

  • as an oversite membrane, between a blinded hardcore bed and the base concrete slab
  • as a sandwich membrane in a base concrete slab
  • between the base concrete slab and the screed 

Installing a DPM

DPM membranes are laid either under a new concrete slab or on top of it to prevent moisture transmission. To install a DPM under a slab in construction, the hardcore bed must have a blinded surface.

Where there are adjacent sheets, they must be overlapped by at least 150 mm, sealed with double-sided DPM tape and further sealed over the face of the joint with 75mm wide jointing tape.

In the rare event of punctures or perforations in a DPM, you need to patch them with a DPM sheet of identical thickness. Overlap the membranes at least 150mm beyond the limits of the puncture and seal with double-sided DPM tape.

Note: The floor DPMs must be continuous with the damp proof course (DPC) in the surrounding walls.

Permagard – Providing Solutions, Inspiring Confidence

If you have any questions about using a DPM then contact our expert team for free technical advice. If you’ve got a larger floor damp proofing job, then check out our DPM Rolls 4M x 25M package.  Alternatively follow the links to view our liquid DPMs or gas membranes.



• Handy pack size ideal for smaller projects
• Resistant to water and water vapour
• Resistant to punctures
• Durable
• Meets BS EN ISO 9001: 2008

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