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Easi-Fix Cementitious Grout 2C - 3 Litres

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£34.80 Inc VAT

Two component self-mix non-shrink cement grout for high compressive strength bonding of ties, bolts and bars to restore structural stability to masonry substrates.

Non shrink cement grout

Easi-Fix Cementitious Grout is the ideal way to secure masonry reinforcing helical bars and other structural repair anchoring products. This high performance two component non shrink grout is easy to use and injectable. 

Uses of Easi-Fix Non Shrink Cement Grout

Easi-Fix Cementitious Grout can be used in the following applications:

Benefits of Easi-Fix Cementitious Grout

  • As a non-shrink grout, it maintains maximum contact with fixing elements, ensuring a long-lasting and secure fix
  • Thixotropic grout that maintains good cohesive fluidity, allowing easy application into difficult hard-to-reach areas
  • A "green product", environmentally friendly and requires no special disposal of waste and surplus material
  • A true non-gaseous cementitious grout, free of bleeding and settlement with long term stability over a wide range of temperatures and humidities
  • Supplied in two packs of each component for ease of use and less wastage.

Using non shrink grout

Our Easi-Fix non-shrink cement grout is easy to use. Simply follow the preparation and application instructions. To make the installer’s life easier we supply two packs of each component. This allows smaller quantities to be mixed on site and less wastage.


Make sure that all masonry substrates are stable and clean - free from dust, debris, organic growth and any oil. Thoroughly wet the masonry substrate so that it is damp but free from any surface water. This will aid with bonding.

Mixing the cementitious grout

You can use the bucket provided to mix Easi-Fix Cementitious Grout. As a two component system, you need to combine the different elements carefully. 

Start by emptying three quarters of Part B liquid into the empty bucket. Slowly add Part A Powder,  mixing continuously with an electric spiral paddle type mixer. Depending on your application, you will want to add the remaining Part B liquid until you achieve the required consistency. You now need to mix for a minimum of five minutes until you produce a smooth cohesive grout. No additional water or other additives should be added to the grout mix.

Once fully mixed, the grout is ready to use. You have a working time of around 40 minutes although this will be less in warm conditions. Because this is a thixotropic grout, any grout left in the bucket will gel shortly after mixing. Re-mixing of the grout with the electric mixer will return the grout to its workable consistency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After use and before the grout sets, make sure you clean all equipment immediately in clean water. 

Applying the non-shrink grout

Due to the number of different applications of Easi-Fix Cementitious Grout, the installation techniques will differ. The non shrink grout is generally applied with a pointing gun such as the British made COX Ultra Point Kit which can be combined with our pinning nozzle set for lateral installation into lengths of masonry. Alternatively, where the situation allows, manual installation can be achieved with a trowel. 

Due to the working life of the cementitious grout it is important to be fully prepared so you can use the mixed grout as soon as possible.

Do not apply grout when freezing temperatures are expected and in warmer conditions, you need to make sure the grout doesn’t dry out too quickly - protective sheeting and water spraying can help prevent this.

Easi-Fix -Specialist Solutions. Made possible.

If you have any questions about non shrink grouts or how best to fix structural repair products then contact our technical experts on 0117 982 3282. 

At Permagard, we stock a wide range of structural repair products and are always happy to offer advice. Our Easi-Fix range is highly effective and offers a long-lasting solution for structural repair.


  • Securely fixes a range of masonry structural repair products
  • Two component non-shrink grout supplied in two pack sets to reduce waste
  • Cementitious so performs similarly in fire conditions to concrete
  • Non-shrink thixotropic grout
  • Injectable, flowing easily under pressure to fill voids
  • Quick to develop compressive strength
  • Cures to 55N/mm²
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