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Helical Spiral Bar 6mm x 1m

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Highly effective and reliable crack stitching repairs in masonry walls and brickwork.

Easi-Fix Wall Crack Repairs 

Helical Spiral bars are designed for performing permanent and reliable crack stitching repairs to masonry walls and brickwork. They are installed across cracks in a wall to increase the tensile and flexural strength of the masonry.

Uses for Easi-Fix helical bar - one metre

Helical Spiral bars are ideal for remedial work in existing buildings, offering a strong and permanent stainless steel solution to cracks in masonry. They also provide masonry and concrete reinforcement solutions for new construction.

They have the following uses:

  • Masonry Bed Joint Reinforcement
  • Anti-crack reinforcement around door and window openings
  • Providing extra strength in footings, parapets and retaining walls
  • Suitable for certain types of thin pre-cast concrete sections such as pre-cast panels and pre-cast doors and window details

How Crack Stitching Bars Work

The crack stitching bars are installed across cracks in a wall, ‘reconnecting’ or ‘stitching’ the cracked masonry. The tensile forces are then evenly redistributed along the length of the bar, which restores the structural stability and flexural strength of the masonry.


The Helical Spiral bars are installed across cracks in a wall, bonded into cut horizontal slots in the masonry with either resin or cementitious grout. They can be cut to the required size on site for convenience. Once installation is complete, the bars and grout are concealed so that the wall and stonework maintains its appearance.

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If you have any questions about helical spiral bars then contact our technical experts on 0117 982 3282
At Permagard, we stock a wide range of structural repair products and are always happy to offer advice. Our Easi-Fix range is trusted by professionals to provide the confidence you need when it comes to structural repair.


  • Helical Spiral Bars can be cut to any length on site
  • Manufactured in 304 Stainless Steel
  • Can be easily bent around corners and courses
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses in new construction and remedial work
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