PermaCEM Anchor Grout 10kg
Rating: 100 / 100

Single component anchoring grout - mixes with water to create a high strength anchoring grout for use with ties, bolts and bars.

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Anchoring Grout - 10kg

PermaCem Anchor Grout is a highly advanced anchoring grout designed for use with masonry reinforcing helical bars and other anchoring products. It is a user friendly, high performance yet economical grout that can be mixed in small and large quantities due to its unique all-in-one formulation. There is no need for separate component liquids, simply add the required amount of clean water onsite to produce this cohesive shrink compensated anchor grout.

Uses of PermaCem Anchor Grout

PermaCem Anchor Grout is designed to fix a range of reinforcing and anchoring products such as:

Advantages of PermaCem Anchor Grout

  • Cementitious and therefore performs similarly in fire conditions to concrete.
  • A "green product", environmentally friendly and requires no special disposal of waste and surplus material.
  • Delivery cartridges can be cleaned with water and reused many times - this alleviates the need for environmentally correct waste disposal.
  • A true non-gaseous grout, free of bleeding and settlement with long term stability over a wide range of temperatures and humidities.
  • Good cohesive fluidity, whilst remaining thixotropic, for easy application in difficult access areas.
  • Shrink compensated and maintains maximum contact with bearing services.


Tensile Performance
Tensile strength after 7 days: > 6 N/mm²
Tensile strength after 28 days: > 7 N/mm²

Flexural Performance
Flexural strength after 7 days: > 6 N/mm²
Flexural strength after 28 days: > 7 N/mm²

Compressive Performance
Compressive modulus to BS 6319 after 7 days: ≥ 30 N/mm²
Compressive modulus to BS 6319 after 28 days: ≥ 35 N/mm²


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Our technical staff are happy to advise you on using PermaCem anchor grout or any other structural repair product. Permagard's technical advisors are here to help so simply give us a call on 0117 982 3282. 


  • Single component - simply add water on site to create cohesive anchoring grout.
  • Delivery cartridges can be cleaned with water and reused many times.
  • Good cohesive fluidity for easy application in difficult access areas.
  • Mixes with clean water so as much or as little that is required can be mixed at one time.
  • All in one product, no need for additives or separate liquid admixtures.
  • Shrink compensated and maintains maximum contact with bearing surfaces.
Model: PCG10
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: individually
Size: 10kg
Dilution: 200ml per 1kg of grout
Coverage: l kg of PermaCem Grout mixed with 100 - 200ml of water is approximately 570ml. Approximately 1kg of powder grout per 1m of Helical bar.
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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Exceptional Structural Grout for Exceptional Value

An exceptional structural grout not only in performace but in value for money, due to the ability that you can batch mix any volume that you require...However I would not batch anymore than is required to fill a mortar gun for one application at a time.

The grout cured over the evening after application and was ready for pointing by the time morning came. The temperature was above 5 degrees celsuis throughout the entire night, as required in the batching guidelines.

The cement to water ratio was a bit dry, as detailed in the mixing instructions, but as long as it is loaded onto a decent mortar gun quickly it should fill all voids as still quite flowabable.

I used a decent quality Everbuild mortar gun and had zero problems loading and applying into the crack stitch repair bed.

Permagard Reply:

Hi Daniel, Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a detailed review - it is really appreciated! We are so pleased you were happy with the product and are glad we could help. The Permagard Team

Exceptional Structural Grout for Exceptional Value

An exception structural grout, supplied in excellent reuseable packaging, which allowed you to batch this grout in amounts that you require.

Was using on a single skin garden wall, that had not been built to a great standard in the 1980s and had suffered badly from subsidence caused by the summer of 2019.

Used in conjection with Helifix spiral bars and a decent quality Everbuild mortar gun, with zero problems.

The cement to water ratio, is a tad dry but persevere and get it in the mortar gun and applied to the joint required as quickly as possible, enough for it to fill all the voids present from raking out and left 20mm short from the facing brickwork.

Used in temperatures above 5 degrees Celsuis all day and night, usually applied in the evening and had cured by the morning everytime, ready for pointing the following weeks!

It performed to an exceptional standard for an even better priced and value product.

saves waste

great product as it can be mixed in small quantities, performs as expected

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