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Lignum Coloured Wood Preserver 5L

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Protect outdoor timber with this highly effective coloured wood preservative from Lignum. Provides protection from wood-rotting fungi, algae & lichen.

Wood Stain and Preserver

Lignum Coloured Wood Preservative is specifically formulated to protect timber from wood rotting fungi, algae, lichen and other growths. It provides exterior wood protection for anything manufactured from rough, sawn or smooth timber. This includes sheds, fences, gazebos and any other outdoor timber structures. 

Easy to use and completely solvent free, this quick-drying coloured wood preserver can be applied either by brush or low pressure spray to provide lasting protection. 

With a range of UV fade resistant wood preservative colours available, it protects while maintaining an attractive appearance. 

Looking for a clear wood preserver?

Exterior wood protection

Lignum have developed this wood stain to protect exterior wood from UV rays as well as unsightly algae and lichen that can ruin the appearance of your garden. It extends the life of your garden timber as it protects against both wood rot and wood staining. If you are looking for a coloured wood preserver for sheds and fences, then you can rely on Lignum. 

How Lignum Coloured Wood Preserver Works

Lignum Coloured Wood Preserver is based on microemulsion technology. This is all about creating a formulation with tiny particles that allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the wood. The size of the particles means that the two fungicides are highly effective and can provide long-lasting protection from wood staining fungi and wood rotting fungi.

How to apply coloured wood preservative


Make sure that your timber is clean and free from all contaminants including any previous coatings, dust and dirt.

TIP: We recommend testing the wood stain on a small inconspicuous patch and then allowing it to dry to ensure that it is compatible with the timber. Final colour shades are influenced by the dampness, density, and surface absorbency of the wood.


You can apply this coloured wood preservative direct from the container. Simply give the container a good shake with the lid on before using it. 

Lignum Colour & Preserve can be applied using a low pressure sprayer or brush. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

We’ve created these no-nonsense guides to take you through some of the specific applications of this coloured wood preservative:

How long does wood preservative take to dry?

The wood preservative is usually touch dry in one hour depending on the type of wood and weather conditions. 


Apply at a rate of 200ml/square metres ( 1L per 5 square metre ) You may need 2 to 3 coats to achieve required finish / loading depending on porosity of the wood.

Wood preservative colours

Lignum provide a range of wood preservative colours to compliment your overall aesthetic - you can see a wood stain colour chart in the images above. These include:

  • Fir Green
  • Red Cedar
  • Autumn Gold
  • Black
  • Dark Brown 
  • Light Brown


Permagard – Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence. 

At Permagard, we sell a range of timber treatments and garden wood preservatives. If you have any questions around the best wood preservative product for your requirements then contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282. 


  • Microemulsion water based formulation
  • Protects aginst wood rot & decay
  • Deep penetration
  • Ready to use
  • Zero VOC's
  • Non-flammable
  • UV fade resistant colours
  • Quick drying
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