Universal Wood Treatment & Preservative 5L
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A water-based fungicide / insecticide timber treatment, for prevention and eradication of wood boring insects. Also, provides protection against dry rot, wet rot and general wood rot.

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Permagard Universal Timber Treatment

Designed for the treatment of old and new timber, this ready to use timber preserver product protects against wet and dry rots. It is also highly effective in the treatment and control of wood boring insects in furniture, flooring, structural and other timbers.

Using Universal Timber Treatment

Simply spray or low pressure spray the target timber at the rates advised to give long-lasting protection to the timber. No mixing is required.

Treated surfaces can be overpainted, varnished or stained when dry.

The universal wood treatment is suitable for external and internal use. On sensitive areas, ensure that there is no effect on colour or finish by testing on an inconspicuous area first.


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For further advice on timber treatments and selecting the right dual purpose timber treatment for your needs please contact our technical team on 0117 982 3282. 

Read our guide for more information about treating wet and dry rot or explore more dual fungicide & insecticide products.




  • Water based (Solvent free)
  • No mixing (ready to use product)
  • Targets wood boring insects and rots
  • Prevents rot and insect infestation
  • Treats and preserves timber
  • BPR Approved for Professional and Amateur use
  • Brush and sprayable
Model: TTUWT5
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: each
Size: 5 litre container
Dilution: Ready to use
Coverage: Curative for insect attack: 300ml/m² (1L per 3.3m² ) Preventative against insects, rots and stains: 200ml/m² (1L per 5m²) Preventative against insects and rots: 100ml/m² (1L per 10m²)
BPR Approval: UK-2019-1194-04-0016 (Professional) and UK-2019-1194-05-0016 (Non Professional)
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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Great price, fast delivery, easily sprayed over new and existing wood to protect for the future. Really pleased with the product.

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Can I use Universal Wood Treatment and Preservative over painted, varnished or waxed timber?

Unfortunately Wood treatments such as Permagard Universal Wood Treatment and Preservative all need to be applied directly to the timber surface and therefore you would need to strip all coatings back to the bare wood and apply the treatment for the product to be successful. You cannot apply this type of product over paint, waxes and varnishes.