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Easi-Fix Neoprene Wall Tie (100)

100% of 100
£89.50 Ex VAT
£107.40 Inc VAT
A rapid fixing replacement wall tie, simply drill the 10mm hole, clean, then insert the tie, put the special key in your drill and tighten the tie.

Neoprene Replacement Wall Ties

The Easi-Fix neoprene wall tie is the reliable double mechanical precision pre-torqued replacement wall tie that sets new standards in replacement wall ties. Its unique special stainless steel precision limited torque nut combined with the precision modified stainless steel bar provides a fixing system which permits:

  • Rapid continuous fixing to both inner and outer leafs in under ten seconds.
  • Ensures inner leaf fixes to pre-torqued level before outer leaf engages
  • Pre-torque setting reliably produces pull out figures of over 2.5 kilo newtons.
  • Independent pull testing of the inner leaf AFTER fixing into the wall allows any or every tie to be pull tested on the inner leaf after initial fixing if required.
  • Can be easily fitted using a power drill or a single manual tool for fast, efficient low cost installation.

Please see the technical data sheet in the Downloads tab for fixing instructions. You can also read how to replace wall ties with our guide.

Please note: you will require a 5mm Easi-Fix Auto key to fix these ties. These ties require a 10mm hole to fix properly - we suggest a 10mm x 310mm SDS drill bit.

How do Easi-Fix Neoprene Wall Ties Work?

The combination of the special stainless steel precision limited torque nut and the precision modified bar means that initial rotations of the nut are inhibited by the bar. This allows the bar to rotate and the inner expander to engage with and tighten onto the inner wall leaf. At the correct pre-designed torque, the in-built resistance offered by the special nut and bar combination is overcome. This allows the nut to rotate down the bar and tighten the outer expander to similarly engage with and tighten onto the outer wall leaf.

The quality of fix for the inner leaf can be checked by loosening the outer expander with a manual key and securing an industry standard pull tester to the bar. After pull testing has been carried out, the outer leaf can be re-tightened.

Wall Tie Sizing

25mm - 50mm Cavity = 200mm Tie
50mm - 75mm Cavity = 213mm Tie
75mm - 90mm Cavity = 225mm Tie

Easi-Fix - Specialist Solutions. Made possible.

If you have any questions about the types of wall ties you need or how to replace failed wall ties then contact our technical experts on 0117 982 3282.

At Permagard, we stock a wide range of structural repair products and are always happy to offer advice. Our Easi-Fix range is trusted by professionals to provide the confidence you need when it comes to structural repair. 


  • Rapid fixing replacement wall tie
  • Easy and low cost installation
  • Reliable product
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