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Monsoon Energysaver Positive Pressure System For Lofts With Heater

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Designed for properties with lofts, this positive pressure system introduces fresh, heated air to tackle mould and condensation problems.


Monsoon Loft Ventilation System

The Monsoon Energysaver Positive Pressure System Loft Unit is designed to reduce condensation in properties with lofts. These positive pressure units gently introduce heated air into a home to help tackle condensation and mould issues.

If your home doesn’t have a loft space, we recommend the Monsoon Positive Pressure Wall Unit.

How positive pressure systems work

Positive pressure systems work by gently pressurising your home and increasing air circulation throughout. This helps alleviate condensation and improve general air quality. By tackling problem condensation, you reduce the risk of damp and mould developing within your home.

These loft units have various running speeds that you can easily select. Depending on the number of rooms you have, the positive pressure loft unit will automatically adjust the flow rate accordingly.

The Energysaver Positive Pressure fan also contains a heater unit. This heats the incoming air, preventing cold draughts. The unit also features G4 Filters that remove unwanted pollutants from the outside air such as pollen and dust. This makes these Energysaver units particularly good for individuals that suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions. 

Condensation and Mould Control

By increasing circulation throughout your home, Positive Pressure Systems reduce condensation. This helps prevent issues with mould and damp. If you are already experiencing issues with mould, the Energysaver Positive Pressure Loft Ventilation System will help your property dry out. You can then treat the mould more effectively - read our complete guide to removing mould from walls. 

Installing a positive pressure loft ventilation system

The PPS/LH is designed to be fitted quickly saving time and money. The unit comes with both hanging kit and base mounting kit as standard. The easy carry handle allows the unit to be manoeuvred simply. The handle also allows for the unit to be angled when hung if space is at a minimum. Once the house side is selected the unit will use internal sensors to adjust airflow and heater activation.

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If you have any questions around positive pressure wall fans or ventilation in general contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282. Permagard are experts in condensation control and will help you find a solution to your situation.

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  • Easy to mount base and hanging kit provided
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Helps to alleviate condensation and mould
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy carry handle
  • On unit control with LED display