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PermaPROTECT Anti Mould Paint Additive

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Simply add to paint, wallpaper paste and tile grouts to tackle mould growth.

Anti Mould Additive for Paint

Add PermaPROTECT Anti Mould Paint Additive to any paint type to create a powerful mould resistant coating. It works in any room, providing protection against the effects of condensation. This professional mould additive can also be added to wallpaper paste and tile grouts to eliminate black mould.

The constant redecorating due to mould growth is both frustrating and expensive. With PermaPROTECT Anti Mould Paint Additive you get lasting protection from black mould as well as your desired decorative finish. You have the freedom to choose your paint type including emulsion and acrylic, and your preferred colour.

How it works

This anti mould additive has been professionally developed and tested to prevent mould growth. Anti Mould Additives for paint work with powerful biocides that stop mould and mildew from growing, even in rooms that suffer from condensation like bathrooms and kitchens.

Note: PermaPROTECT Anti Mould Additive is HSE-approved and conforms with COPR (Control of Pesticides Regulations). This provides peace of mind that the contained biocides are approved for use and safely incorporated into our products.

Anti Mould Additive for Wallpaper Paste and Tile Grout

If you want to use wallpaper rather than a paint for your finish, then you can add the anti mould additive into the paste. This will prevent mould growth behind the wallpaper, which is caused by trapped water vapour. The additive will significantly delay the point at which mould will start to form behind the wallpaper. You can also add the anti mould additive to tile grout when tiling kitchens and bathrooms.

How to Use Anti Mould Paint Additives

Simply add one 50ml bottle of PermaPROTECT Anti Mould Paint Additive into 2.5 litres of paint, wallpaper paste or tile grout. Mix thoroughly with a drill mixer before applying.

PermaPROTECT - Lasting Solutions. Proven Protection. 

If you want to know more about the best anti mould paint additive on the market then contact us today. You can also browse our anti-mould products including our best-selling ready-to-use anti mould paint. With our PermaPROTECT range, our aim is to support your ongoing mould prevention strategy with affordable, lasting solutions.

For more information on getting rid of mould, then read our guide on how to remove mould from walls. Or browse our full range of condensation control and ventilation products.


  • Tackles mould growth
  • Can be added to any paint type 
  • Professionally developed and tested

Mould Additive for Flood Repairability

Our Anti Mould Paint Additive forms part of a repairability specification for a flood system. Turning any paint into an anti mould coating, it offers protection against flood water damage and the proven biocide helps keep mould at bay whilst the room dries out from flood water.



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