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Green Roof Edging Pebbles 20kg Bags x 10

£55.00 Ex VAT
£66.00 Inc VAT

Attractive beach pebbles for forming a stone border around your green roof.

Border pebbles for green roofs

These colourful edging pebbles are ideal for use on green roofs, creating attractive design features and delivering numerous practical benefits. Many green roof designs require a pebble border - both around the perimeter and any protrusions such as skylights and drainage outlets.

We provide these pebbles in manageable 20kg bags, making them easy to install. One 20kg bag of pebbles is enough to cover approximately one linear metre with a 150mm wide border. However this may depend on the depth of stones required at the border and the way they are placed onsite. For a deeper, more fuller look you may require more bags.

Benefits of green roof pebbles:

As well as adding character and looking attractive, green roof pebbles offer the following functional benefits:

  • a stone border can act as a windbreak to help prevent uplift of the green roof system in windy areas
  • limits the amount of growing medium and vegetation that reaches the edge of the roof, preventing the gutters from clogging up
  • acts as a fire break where the design requires 
  • creates footpaths in larger green roofs that require maintenance, preventing damage to vegetation
  • acts as an attractive design feature anywhere on the green roof

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Installing green roof pebbles

Our green roof pebbles are easy to install. They are required around the perimeter of your green roof as well as skylights, drainage outlets, and whenever a break is needed to prevent things clogging up next to them.

Ideally the pebbles should be laid on top of the membrane but before the substrate. This is so that the geotextile on the membrane stops any fines clogging the drainage.

Note: some installers lay a filter fleece from the top of the drainage membrane down onto the waterproofing and sit the pebbles on there. As long as there is a suitable filter layer this method is fine.

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How many pebbles do I need for my green roof border?

One 20kg bag of pebbles is sufficient to create a 150mm border for a linear metre. If you have ten metre perimeter with a 150mm border, you will require 10 bags of pebbles. Please note: The coverage may depend on the depth of stones required at the border and the way they are placed onsite. For a deeper, more fuller look you may require more bags.

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

Permagard are proud to offer our professional green roof systems including accessories like these green roof border pebbles. We wanted to make it possible for anyone to transform their home or spaces with a living roof. We’ve created a range of guides to give you the confidence you need in creating and maintaining a healthy green roof. If you have a bigger green roof job, intensive or extensive, please contact us to discuss how we can provide a solution.

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  • Creates an attractive design feature
  • Acts as a windbreak to help prevent uplift
  • Available in manageable 20kg bags
  • Protects your green roof vegetation