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Green Roof Edge Trim - 1 metre length

£16.80 Ex VAT
£20.16 Inc VAT

One metre metal edging trim with 13mm holes for roofs, green roofs and landscaping applications. An affordable water-permeable separating strip designed to be installed between bulk materials.  

Aluminium Edging Trim with drilled holes

High quality water-permeable aluminium edging trim, ideal for use as green roof edge trim and in landscaping. The trims are designed to go around the perimeter of a roof to help contain mass materials such as the growing substrate and border pebbles of a living roof.

The one metre lengths are ultra-convenient and easy to handle. They feature drilled holes to allow water to drain easily.   

Uses of Aluminium Edge Trim

These edge trims can be used in the following situations:      

  • a separator between the substrate/pebble strip and the open edge of the roof   
  • water-permeable upstand at the eaves edge of roofs up to max. 5° roof pitch (e.g. car ports, bike sheds) and flat roofs 
  • garden landscaping

Note: These edge trims are not suitable for use as a structurally effective gravel retainer in the pitched roof area < 5° RP.

Green roof edge trim

These aluminium edging trims are ideal for green roofs. At a one metre length they are easy to install and ideally suited to smaller perimeters, acting as a green roof edge restraint. The strips enclose the vegetation as well as a border of pebbles that help prevent any roots or other material blocking the drainage holes.

Installing aluminium edge trim

The edge trims are designed to go round the perimeter of a flat roof if there isn’t already an upstand. The one metre lengths can be joined together with an edge trim connector that effortlessly connects the strips together.

The system also includes robust, pre-formed corners for added convenience. These corners drastically speed up the installation process compared with cutting each corner. For projects that require differing angles, the 1m edge trims can be cut with tin snips and the desired angle formed.

The perimeter border pebbles will sit on the base of the edge trim. PM Power Fix Super Strength Adhesive can be used to stick the bottom of the edge trim to the primary waterproofing, for additional protection against movement. A small strip of adhesive running from the front to the back of the trim base approximately every 300mm, will help hold it in place.  

Permagard - Providing Solutions. Inspiring Confidence.

Permagard are proud of our Green roof systems and the comprehensive range of accessories including these green roof edge restraints. Start your green roof project today with our expert guidance. For more information read our introduction to green roofs and Green Roof Construction Guide 


  • Convenient one metre lengths
  • Easy to join lengths together
  • Folded four times  
  • Permeable to water with 13mm diameter holes
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