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Easi-Fix Helical Spiral Bar 3m - Pack of 50

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Easi-Fix Helical Spiral bars supplied in 3m straight lengths in bulk packs for professional repairs to masonry walls and brickwork.


Easi-Fix Helical Spiral Bars 3 Metre 50 Pack

Helical Spiral bars are designed for crack stitching repairs to masonry walls and brickwork. Helical Spiral bars are installed with either resin or cementitious grout across cracks in a wall to increase the tensile and flexural strength of masonry. The cracked wall is reconnected, tensile forces redistributed along the full length of the bar and the stabilised structure restored to full strength.

Helical Spiral bars provide an effective masonry reinforcement solution for new construction and for remedial work in existing buildings. They are suitable for concrete reinforcement applications as well and offer a strong permanent stainless steel solution.

Uses of Helical Spiral Bars

  • Masonry Bed Joint Reinforcement
  • Anti-crack reinforcement around door/window openings
  • Provides extra strength in footings, parapets and retaining walls
  • Suitable for certain types of thin pre-cast concrete sections such as pre-cast panels and pre-cast doors and window details

Unlike the 1 metre bars that are used solely for crack-stitching, the 3 metre helical spiral bars can be used for different purposes.

They can be cut down or used as a full length in the following situations:

  • Tying multiple cracks that are close together 
  • Lintel repair - helical spiral bars can be bonded into slots above an existing lintel as a repair.
  • Creating or repairing flat arch lintels  
  • Creating masonry beams – these longer bars can be used as masonry beams to distribute building loads. In particular to prevent subsidence or horizontal displacement related to bowing walls.

Note: These Easi-Fix helical spiral bars are supplied in straight 3 metre lengths NOT COILS.

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If you have any questions about helical spiral bars then contact our technical experts on 0117 982 3282
At Permagard, we stock a wide range of structural repair products and are always happy to offer advice. Our Easi-Fix range is trusted by professionals to provide the confidence you need when it comes to structural repair.


  • Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Supplied in straight 3m lengths
  • 6 and 8mm profile available
  • Can be cut on site to suit requirements
  • 3m lengths suit a wide variety of uses
  • Part of the Easi-Fix Structural Repair System
  • Professional grade manufactured in the UK