Dry Rot Treatment - 5L
Rating: 93 / 100

A masonry biocide for the treatment and prevention of dry rot in masonry and brickwork. Ready to use - applied by either brush, spray or injection.

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Masonry Dry Rot Treatment

This high strength masonry biocide comes ready to use for the treatment and control of dry rot (serpula Lacrymans) and fungal growth in masonry and brickwork.

The micro emulsion is designed for high penetration into the substrate for a deeper, longer lasting treatment. It is designed for either spray application or for injection into the masonry and can also be used on the subsoil.

Before any dry rot treatment is applied, it is essential to eliminate the source of damp. Treated areas can be rendered over and painted.

For timbers that are within the affected area, identify and remove infected timbers (cut back in-situ timbers 500mm beyond last signs of fungal growth or strands) and treat all timber that will remain or that is being re-instated in and arround the area with Permagard Universal Wood Preserver.


For more information on dry rot treatment contact our team on 0117 982 3282 or read our guide to identifying and treating dry rot.


  • Solvent Free
  • Quick Drying 
  • Deep Penetration into the substrate
  • Ready to use
  • Targets Dry Rot and Fungal Growth
  • Prevents Reinfestation
  • For Masonry and brickwork
Model: TTDRT5
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: Individually
Size: 5 litre container
Dilution: Ready to use
Coverage: 1 litre of product per 3-4m² of surface area
HSE Registration No: 7663
Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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Seems to work well

Used a lot of this on house renovation with severe dry rot outbreak used for surface and injection treatment when sprayed on the fungus strands the next day you can see they’ve shrivel up dried out and almost wilted away. Drilled holes every few inches and saturated the walls.
Can’t comment on longevity as time will tell

Very pleased with product

Prompt delivery and clear instructions on how to use this product.

easy to use

bought this to spray on my walls after treating the damp. was really easy to use, and didnt smell bad! Would definitely use it again.

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Can I use Dry Rot Treatment (ready to use) on timber?

No, all timber in and around the area that is remaining and any new timber that is being put into the area should be treated with Permagard Universal Wood Preservative. This product is solely for masonry, brickwork and sterilising the sub floor oversite.