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Microshield Wood Protector 5L

£18.50 Ex VAT
£22.20 Inc VAT

Protect timber with this long-lasting clear water repellent wood protector. Visual appearance and natural moisture balance protected.  Special formulation creates beading effect.

Outdoor Wood Protector

Microshield Wood Protector provides long lasting wood protection and reliable water repellence on timber surfaces. It creates a beading effect so that water simply beads and runs off the wood. This protects the timber from the damage water causes while maintaining its appearance and natural moisture balance. As a completely clear wood protector, it leaves the surface looking the same as it did before the treatment was applied. 

Microshield wood water repellent safeguards the wood whilst preserving the water vapour permeability. The special formulation of flexible silicone resins protects the wood against moisture penetration for an exceptionally long time.

As a solvent-free water repellent Wood Protector, it can be used on any * external untreated wood. This includes the following common applications:

  • fences
  • sheds
  • garden furniture
  • facades
  • gates
  • boarders
  • tree houses

Our exterior wood protector is pet safe once fully dry. It delivers ten years of weather-proofing for softwood timbers as well as weathered hardwoods.

Outdoor Wood Protection with Beading Effect 

Wood treated with Microshield Wood Protector develops a beading effect in 24 - 48 hours of treatment. The beading effect is most visible after being exposed to the elements for a period of time. 

Applying Wood Protector


Make sure the timber is dry and free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, moss and algae as well as any previous coating. It is important when cleaning the timber not to use detergents as these can interfere with the hydrophobic effect of Microshield Wood Protector.

Test a small, representative area to ensure the waterproofing wood protector is not repelled. This also allows you to check that the dry finished surface appearance is acceptable. 


Microshield Wood Protector should be applied by brush or spray at a rate of 0.1/m2 - 0.2l/m2. 5 litre coverage 12.5m² to 25m² per container. The coverage will depend on the absorbency of the wood.

Two coats should be applied for optimum coverage and penetration. The second coat should be applied whilst the first coat is still damp typically 15 -30 minutes later.

Care should be taken when applying the timber protector near windows, painted surfaces, pathways, and plants etc.

Once dry, Microshield Wood Protector is difficult to remove from non-target surfaces. Any splashes should be cleaned immediately with warm soapy water.

Do not use / apply if temperatures are below 5°C or rain is expected.

For more on treating fences, you can read our no-nonsense how to prepare and treat fences guide.


* softwood timbers as well as weathered hardwoods


  • Water based and solvent-free
  • 10 years of weather-proofing for weathered hardwoods & softwood timbers
  • Provides long-lasting outdoor wood protection
  • Pet safe once fully dry
  • Significant reduction of water uptake
  • Reduces swelling and shrinking
  • Reduces organic growth on the surface
  • Improves stability of timber
  • Does not stop timber from naturally greying
  • Does not form a film on the surface
  • Fully “Breathable” system
  • Generates a beading effect to the surface
  • Long life protection typically of more than 10 years
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