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Newton 410 Geodrain 25m²

£215.00 Ex VAT
£258.00 Inc VAT
Newton 410 Geodrain is an external cavity drain membrane. For external use below ground in conjunction with a land drain or french drain.

Newton Geodrain Membrane

Newton 410 Geodrain is a two-core drainage sheet consisting of a non-woven geotextile filter layer thermally welded to a water impermeable HDPP (High Density Polypropylene) drainage membrane. Newton 410 Geodrain provides outstanding drainage and protection to the outside face of basement walls and under basement rafts, preventing the build-up of water pressure and protecting the structure from aggressive water, chemicals and toxins.

Newton 410 Geodrain Typical Applications:

  • As the drainage layer of an externally applied waterproofing system when used in conjunction with sheet applied or liquid applied external tanking membrane to BS8102:2009
  • Protection of the structure from aggressive chemicals in the ground water
  • To prevent the build up of ground water to the outside of retaining walls and rafts

Newton 410 Geodrain Installation Diagram:

Newton 406 Geo Drain Installation


Newton 410 Geodrain Installation Advice:

  • A fillet should be formed where the basement wall meets the footing.
  • External walls should be damp-proofed with a paint on bitumen based product (Newton 109 LM) prior to installation of the Geodrain.
  • Newton 410 Geodrain should be fixed in the top row of studs at 250mm centres.
  • Place footing drain 200mm below basement floor level.
  • For a neat finish Newton Geostrip should be used to cap the top of the membrane at ground level.
  • Use perforated pipe for the land drain or french drain.
  • Protect the Newton 410 Geodrain with backfill protection board.
  • Use a well drained backfill, and protect the backfill with Geotex filter fabric.
  • Slope ground away from retaining wall where possible or drain well.
  • Newton 410 Geodrain should always be used in conjunction with a land drain or french drain connected to efficient outlets to remove drained water

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Permagard are proud to stock a wide range of Newton membranes and waterproofing products. If you have any questions about Newton green roof or drainage membranes contact our technical team on 0117 982 3282.


  • Prevents water pressure from bearing against the structure
  • Resistant to all chemicals normally found in the ground
  • Withstands stresses and movement acting as a slip membrane as the backfill settles
  • Allows for backfilling with excavated earth
  • Extremely strong material, minimising the risk of damage when backfilling even when no protection board is used
  • High compressive strength
  • Suspended soil particles (fines) are filtered out by the geotextile layer
  • Quick and easy to install with a range of ancillary fixing and installation products
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