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Nuaire Drimaster Eco Link HC - Hall Control

£364.00 Ex VAT
£436.80 Inc VAT

Put an end to condensation with this highly effective whole home ventilation system designed for properties with lofts. Optional wireless controls are conveniently located in the hallway for easy access.



PIV Unit with Wireless Controls

The Drimaster Eco Link with wireless hall controls provides whole home ventilation for properties with lofts. It uses the Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) principle to cure condensation dampness by reducing the humidity in the air and preventing mould growth. It also helps create a healthy living environment, removing pollutants from your home.

Complete Control from your Hallway

The Nuaire Drimaster unit has system controls located in the ceiling diffuser. This means that you can have complete control from the hallway of your home. Most units have controls on the unit in the loft, which can be inconvenient if you want to make changes to the settings.  

The DRI-ECO-LINK-HC is a prime example of Nuaire's innovative approach to PIV technology. The homeowner benefits from complete manual control at the push of a button from the hallway without ever having to enter the loft. The optional extra 2 Way Boost Control Switch RF, means they can switch to boost mode from the switch controller which connects via remote frequency or wireless to the unit. The 2 Way Boost Control Switch RF is avilable to purchase via the related product session. You can also link the unit to remote battery-operated relative humidity sensors that use the latest built-in RF technology. These remote sensors tell the unit when to enter boost mode. There is also a seven-segment display which clearly notifies you when the filters need changing and what setting the unit is currently running on.

Positive Input Ventilation

As a positive input ventilation system, the Drimaster Eco works by introducing fresh, filtered air into your home at a continuous rate, encouraging the movement of air from inside to outside the property. The PIV unit is mounted in the loft where it draws air through specially-designed Nuaire Drimaster filters before inputting into your home at ceiling level. The filters remove pollutants such as Radon gas, pollen, and traffic fumes delivering better indoor air quality. Overall this makes for a healthier living environment, in particular for allergy sufferers and those with asthma.

The Drimaster Nuaire units are fitted with an internal temperature sensor, which continuously monitors the temperature in the loft. This allows it to switch to heat recovery mode and boost the air volume when the temperature in the loft-space goes above a certain pre-set temperature. When the loft temperature goes above 23 degrees, the unit switches to standby mode and airflow is prevented.

Nuaire Drimaster Installation

The Drimaster unit is mounted in the loft space. Once installed, you can set the airflow to suit the size of house and respond to changes in temperature within your property. You will be provided with full Drimaster installation instructions. Installation is easy and simple, taking under an hour. 

Nuaire Eco Link Drimaster Benefits:

You can read Drimaster Eco Link reviews by people that have the units installed in the tab on this page. We have also outlined some of the further benefits below:

  • Occupant controllability – A remote switch DRI-ECO-2S is available to provide the occupants control of their own comfort within the home.
  • Optional additional sensors – Remote carbon dioxide detector DRI-ECO-C02 and relative humidity sensors DRI-ECO-RH will automatically raise the fans speed when set levels are measured to maintain good air quality.
  • Meets Regulations - Meets Part F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation strategy.
  • Modern, sleek circular diffuser 
  • Hall Control - System controls located in the ceiling diffuser for easy commission and access for maintenance checks.
  • Filter change indicator – To ensure optimum performance is maintained.
  • Very low maintenance - Filter clean or replacement every five years.
  • Extremely energy efficient - System goes into standby during warmer months when there is no evidence condensation.
  • 7-year warranty: 1 year parts and labour; remaining 6 years parts only.


Nuaire PIV Video


  • BBA Approved
  • Occupant controllability
  • Optional additional sensors
  • Cures condensation dampness 
  • Improved indoor air quality and healthy living environment
  • Easy & simple installation
  • Modern, sleek circular diffuser
  • Hall control 
  • Filter change indicator
  • Very low maintenance
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Health benefit