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Easi-Fix Crack Stitching Kit incl.10 Bars

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An ultra convenient crack stitching kit that contains all the components you need to repair vertical or stepped cracks in masonry walls.


Wall Crack Repair Kit

Our Easi-Fix Crack Stitching Kit contains all the components needed to permanently repair vertical or stepped cracks in masonry walls. It uses high quality helical bars that are easy to install and highly effective.

Repairs carried out using this crack stitching kit system will:

  • stabilise the structure
  • provide resistance against further cracking
  • restore structural integrity

This method of crack-stitching is non-disruptive and avoids extensive and expensive construction work. It’s also a more reliable option than crack injection products. Once the repairs are complete, the bars are fully concealed.   

Easi-Fix Crack Stitching Kit Contains:

Our crack stitching kit has been carefully put together to contain all you need to repair cracks in walls. It includes:

  • 10 x 1 metre x 6mm Helical Spiral Bars
  • 1 x 10kg Permacem Anchor Grout
  • 1 x Mixing Paddle
  • 2 x Nozzles
  • 1 x Mortar Gun and Barrel
  • 1 x Brick Jointer Trowel (May differ to one in picture due to world wide shortages)

How Helical Bars Work

The helical crack stitching bars are installed across cracks in a wall, effectively ‘reconnecting’ or ‘stitching’ the cracked masonry. The tensile forces are then evenly redistributed along the entire length of the steel bar, which restores the structural stability and flexural strength of the masonry.

Using a crack stitching kit

Repairs using the Easi-Fix Crack Stitching Kit are made quickly and easily with the minimum of disruption. They are also inexpensive and won’t cause any further damage to the wall.

Installing crack stitching bars

The stainless steel helical bars are placed into horizontal slots that you cut into the mortar bed joints across the crack. These can be cut using an angle grinder or a mortar chisel. You grout them into place using Permacem Anchor Grout that sets around the helical bar rapidly developing compressive strength. With the helical bars firmly in place, structural integrity is restored. For full crack repair instructions, please consult your kit or read our How to Repair Cracks in Walls guide for further information. 




Easi-Fix - Specialist Solutions. Made Possible.

Permagard are structural repair specialists and our Easi-Fix range is trusted by professionals to deliver permanent specialist solutions. View our high quality structural repair products and market-leading crack stitching range. If you have any questions please contact our technical team. 


  • A permanent repair of cracked brickwork
  • Contains all the components to repair cracks in masonry walls
  • Quick installation with minimum disruption
  • Inexpensive as it avoids costly construction work
  • Kit can be used in any masonry type including historical buildings
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