PermaCEM Anchor Grout 25kg

Single component anchoring grout, mixed with water, creates a high strength anchoring grout for use for with ties, bolts and bars.


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Anchor Grout

PermaCEM Grout is a premixed cementitious thixotropic shrink compensated anchor grout with a specially developed blend of polymeric reinforcing resins.

PermaCEM Grout requires only the addition of a measured amount of clean water to produce an environmentally and user friendly method of fixing:

  • Anchors, Bolts and Starter Bars
  • Masonry Reinforcing and Stitching Bars
  • Remedial Wall Ties

PermaCEM Grout is non-gaseous, non-corrosive, non-oxidising and is free of chlorides.


  • Cementitious and therefore performs in fire conditions similarly to concrete.
  • A "green product", environmentally friendly and requires no special disposal of waste and surplus material.
  • Delivery cartridges can be cleaned with water and reused many times, thus alleviating environmentally correct waste disposal.
  • A true non gaseous grout, free of bleeding and settlement with long term stability over a wide range of temperatures and humidities.
  • Good cohesive fluidity, whilst remaining thixotropic, for easy application in difficult access areas.
  • Shrink compensated and maintains maximum contact with bearing services.


  • Environmentally friendly  
  • Reusable delivery cartridges  
  • Easy application in difficult access areas
  • A non-gaseous grout, free of bleeding and settlement
  • Provides long term stability over a wide range of temperatures
Model: PCG25
Manufacturer: Permagard
Packaging: individually
Size: 25kg
Dilution: 100ml -200ml per 1kg of grout
Coverage: The yield from l kg of Perma Cem Grout mixed with 100 -200ml of water is approximately 570ml - sufficient to fill two standard mastic style empty cartridges.

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