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Platon Plaster Plugs 70mm Box of 500

£49.75 Ex VAT
£59.70 Inc VAT

Platon Plaster Plugs are used above ground to fix any Platon Mesh Cavity Drain Membrane to the substrate either internally or externally.

Plaster Plugs Platon

Platon Plaster Plugs are used above or below ground to fix mesh cavity drain membranes to the substrate internally.

How to use Platon Plaster Plugs

To fix the Platon membrane, use a 7mm or 8mm SDS drill bit. Drill through the membrane into the substrate prior to hammering home the plaster plug. Platon Plaster Plugs should be fixed at maximum centres of 250mm internally.

Internally on a mesh membrane you should use 15 plugs per m².

Above ground

When above ground to seal the plug before hammering home, you can use mastic applied in the hole or Platon Plug Seals.

Below ground

For waterproofing below ground, either use the Platon Plug Seals or apply a bead of Platon Rope around the head before hammering home to form a watertight seal.

For use with Platon Plaster Mesh Membrane, Platon PB 2 Mesh and Platon Plaster base.


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  • Suitable for fixing membranes both internally
  • For use with any mesh membrane
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