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Aida Damp Proofing Cream Kit 10 x 310ml

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Treat rising damp with this highly effective damp proofing cream kit - simply drill and inject then re-render.


Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock, our professional DPC Injection Cream Kit is available here.

Aida Damp Proofing Cream Kit

Aida Damp Proofing Cream provides effective and safe protection against Rising Damp. The cream is designed to create a damp proof course in walls above ground level where an existing DPC has broken down or an orthodox DPC is missing. The cream’s highly effective formulation enables deep penetration of the mortar layer, creating a long lasting horizontal barrier against rising damp.

This Aida Dampproofing kit includes:

  • 10 x 310ml Aida Damp Proofing Cream Cartridges
  • 1 x Caulking Gun 310ml
  • 1 x 300mm Extension Tube
  • 1 x 12mm x 300mm SDS Drill Bit

How Damp Proofing Cream Works

The Aida Cream reverts to a liquid phase when injected into the masonry resulting in complete absorption into the substrate. Its unique consistency allows horizontal application techniques without the cream running out. Combined with superior stability in the borehole, this ensures the optimal penetration of the active ingredient in all directions.

The silane active ingredient then reacts with water and becomes a polysiloxane, forming a horizontal barrier against rising damp.


Aida Damp Proofing Cream is quick and easy to install. The kit contains all you need to get started. Simply drill into the mortar joint and fill the boreholes with the cream using a low-pressure sprayer or a cartridge gun.

  • 1. Drill 12 mm diameter holes horizontally into the mortar joint, in general into the joint intersections, at 120 mm centres and to a depth of 10-20 mm from opposite face
  • 2. Remove bore dust from the hole and then fill with Injection Cream using a low-pressure sprayer or a cartridge gun.

Important: As with all Damp Proof Course Injections, salt contaminated plasterwork must be renewed. It is important that the re-plastering specification is strictly adhered to and that the plasterer carrying out the work is made aware of the importance of the re-plastering being carried out to specification in conjunction with the insertion of the new chemical damp proof course. Please ask for our recommended re-plastering specification.


10 x 310ml cartridges for the treatment of up to 30m of 110mm thick wall or 15m of 220mm wall.

Application Rates:

Wall Thickness

4 1/2"


13 1/2"


Borehole depth 100mm 200mm 310mm 420mm
Borehole diameter 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm
Application rate per 10m wall length 0.9

Please note these application rates are for a guide only. Application rates for porous, rubble or highly absorbent masonry may vary.

Further Reading  

Browse our damp proofing creams and rising damp treatments. You can also read our How to Use Damp Proof Injection Cream guide.




  • Quick and easy to install
  • Effective & Safe Protection against Rising Damp
  • Does not form salts
  • Independent research & tests have proven effectiveness
  • Solvent free (VOC free)
  • Long lasting and deep penetration of the mortar layer
  • Controllable and Consistent Consumption Rates
  • Environmentally-friendly, ecologically safe and non-hazardous
  • Suitable for alkaline, pH neutral & acidic building materials
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