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Perma-Vent Condensation Control Vent

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Easy to install and maintenance-free, the Perma-Vent Condensation Control Vent is a quick and easy way to reduce, if not stop, condensation in localised areas.

Passive Ventilation Unit

The environmentally friendly Perma-Vent contains no moving parts and requires no maintenance. It works on the scientific principle that when the room temperature and humidity are greater internally than externally, moist air will be ventilated outside the building due to vapour air differences.

The Perma-Vent contains a vapour permeable membrane, which allows vapour out of the building without allowing a draught back inside.

Installing a Perma-Vent unit

The unit is easily and economically installed using a 4.25” (107mm) core cutter. It can be positioned wherever condensation and mould are most prevalent. The thickness of the wall does not present a problem as the standard unit is supplied with a 13.5" (350mm) long central core which will be suitable for most properties.

The unit is designed to be very unobtrusive, with a 6" (152mm) internal white plastic grill. Externally all that can be seen is a 6" white plastic external grille.

It is possible in severe instances that a more advanced condensation control unit will be required to remedy issues with condensation. However, the installation of a Perma-Vent Standard is a simple, inexpensive starting point to tackle the local problems of condensation and mould.

The external diameter of the tube is 104mm so the core should be cut larger eg. 4.25” (107mm).

Permagard - Condensation Control Experts

If you have any questions about dealing with black mould, problem condensation or any other damp issues then contact our expert team on 0117 982 3282.



  • New internal and external grille design to improve air flow
  • New external grille colour - terracotta
  • Fly screen included in both internal and external grill
  • Anti draught vapour permeable membrane
  • Easy installation with a core cutter
  • Over 15 years proven performance
  • Supplied into the professional damp proofing market
  • Maintenance free (no moving parts)
  • Unobtrusive design, white internal and external low profile grilles
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