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PermaSEAL Anti Condensation Paint

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A thermally insulating and water repelling anti condensation coating for internal walls. Prevent condensation and put a stop to black mould and damp issues!


Anti Condensation Coating

PermaSEAL Anti Condensation Paint is a specially formulated coating that can be applied to various internal surfaces to prevent condensation. When you apply this condensation paint, it raises the surface temperature of the internal walls - it’s actually warm to touch! This increase in temperature changes the dew point - the temperature at which moisture forms on a surface. The result is that condensation takes up to 60% longer to form, providing amazing protection from damp and mould.

Condensation and black mould growth are an issue experienced in many properties. Damp and mould look and smell unpleasant, but can also make health conditions worse and contribute to more serious structural issues.

PermaSEAL anti condensation paint is designed to reduce condensation and prevent mould growth. This innovative water-based paint incorporates the latest micro technology in order to achieve this. It works on all interior walls, including problem rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.   

What is anti condensation paint?

Anti condensation paint is any coating that prevents moisture from forming on surfaces. These paints are usually designed to repel water as well as provide some thermal insulation. The thermal insulation is all about altering the temperature of surfaces in order to stop moisture forming.  

How does PermaSEAL anti condensation paint work?

PermaSEAL Anti Condensation Paint contains a number of tiny hollow glass beads that reflect thermal energy away from the walls. By effectively repelling warm air back into the room, the paint prevents moisture from forming on the walls and causing damp issues and mould growth. These glass beads represent the latest in micro-technology, with a high crush strength.

Benefits of PermaSEAL anti condensation paint

There are a number of specialist paints on the market, what makes ours the best anti condensation paint is effectiveness and convenience. The innovative technology it incorporates means that black mould or any other potentially harmful fungi can’t grow. This protects the health of you and your loved ones, and doesn’t damage your interiors.

PermaSEAL Anti Condensation Paint is suitable for any interior wall - you can apply it wherever you need it. You can also paint or wall-paper over the anti condensation coating without impacting its performance. This means you get the decorative finish that you want and the protection you need. The moisture-protection that the paint provides also means that your wallpaper or chosen paint finish lasts longer.

As well as dramatically reducing condensation, the anti condensation coating is also waterproof when dry. 

Uses of anti condensation paint

PermaSEAL’s anti condensation paint is suitable for any interior walls and ceilings, including the following situations:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Lintels over doors and windows
  • Industrial applications

Anti condensation paint for metal & plastic

You can use the anti condensation paint on metal and plastic as well as applying it over existing paint, wallpaper, plaster, brick, concrete. However, we recommend that you complete an application test first to make sure you get the desired results. 

Applying anti condensation paint

PermaSEAL anti condensation paint is easy to apply with some basic preparation.


Start by making sure the surface you want to paint is free from any mould and fungus. You can use our mould wash concentrate to do this. 

You can also read our guide to removing mould from walls for more information.

Be sure to remove any loose paint or wallpaper too, and fill any cracks with a suitable crack filler. 


When the bucket has been opened, stir it well by hand to ensure that the glass beads are evenly distributed throughout the coating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use a mechanical stirrer as this could damage the glass beads.

Applying the anti condensation coating

PermaSEAL Anti Condensation Paint is designed for easy application. You can apply it to your wall with a standard paint brush or roller.  Two coats are required and you need to wait 2-4 hours between coats. 

Permaseal - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

Our anti condensation coating is part of the PermaSEAL range and represents quality, value and technical excellence. If you have any questions about our condensation prevention and ventilation products please contact our expert team.  


  • A highly effective styrene copolymer dispersion
  • Warm wall paint - feel the warmth!
  • Effective at preventing black mould growth
  • Condensation takes 60% longer to form on interior walls
  • Extends the life of wallpaper and paint
  • Suitable for application in bathrooms and kitchens, and on cold walls and ceiling
  • Glass beads a size of 50um and a crush strength of 500psi.
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