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Fence Treatment Dipping Grade Concentrate 15L

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Permadip 9 is a concentrated dipping grade water-based decorative wood colourant ideal for fences and other garden wood products.

Fence Treatment

Permadip 9 is a concentrated dipping grade water-based decorative wood treatment for the treatment of fencing panels, sheds, trellis and other wooden garden products.

This fence treatment is best applied to rough cut absorbent timber. However, it is often used on smoother timber used in the construction of wooden sheds, garden planters etc. Dipping times should be adjusted to ensure the product is absorbed and the correct final colour is achieved.

Permadip 9 is a water-based concentrate for dilution with clean water. The product is designed to impart colour into new timber. As with most dipping grade wood treatments, Permadip is a pre-treatment. We therefore suggest the wood is overcoated with a wood preservative stain within the first year to impart water resistance and a preservative film to protect the wood from rot and UV.

Concentrated Fence Treatment - New Size

Same concentrated fence treatment, now packed in our new user friendly 15 litre container. Our new 15 litre containers offer a more convenient size for professional and DIY use. The container has litre measurement on the front to allow for easy gauging of mixes on site. It also now weighs less which enables easier pouring and handling around site.

Advantages of Fence Treatments

  • Water-based, non-flammable and low hazard to operators, plants, pets and the environment (when diluted).
  • Economic in use and competitively priced.
  • Fully proven in use over many years - a searching and stable product.
  • Full range of attractive colours which can be blended together to produce unique shades.
  • Highly concentrated system dilutes 1 part plus 9 with water (15 litre keg makes 150 litres of diluted product).

Available Colours

Please note:
Final colour shades are influenced by the dampness, density, and surface absorbency of the particular timber. Colours above will be affected by the settings on your computer or smartphone screen and are for display purposes only. 


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  • Highly concentrated fence treatment
  • Full range of attractive colours
  • Low hazard product when diluted
  • Economical
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