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Flood Protection

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Learn more about Flood Resilience

Flood Resilience Products

It’s not always possible to stop flood water entering a property. This could be due to high flood water levels or where flood resistance measures aren’t in place or impractical. In the unfortunate event of water entering your property during a flood, you want to minimise costly damage to your property and possessions. At Permagard, we specialise in providing a range of flood resilience products to limit the damage and make repairs quick and cost-effective.

Whether you’ve just experienced a flood or want to take steps to make your home better prepared for a flood, Permagard are here to help.

Flood resilience measures

There are a number of flood resilience measures and practical steps you should take to minimise damage and disruption to your home. Your ultimate aim is to limit damage to possessions and have an interior that dries out quickly or is easily replaced so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

At Permagard, we focus on flood resilience products that are designed to be flood water-resistant and systems where repairability is prioritised.

Flood resilience products

Our PermaPROOF flood resilience products focus on materials that won’t be damaged by flood water or can easily be repaired. With water-resistant materials such as Limelite plaster, you don’t need to rip them out and start again following a flood.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For older and period properties, it’s important to develop a flood strategy that aligns with your risk levels, priorities and building materials. Cementitious tanking is based products are not always an appropriate option and we recommend consulting a professional that has experience with older buildings.

Repair after flooding

Permagard flood resilience system

If you have experienced a flood or want to make flood repair easy in the event of a flood, it’s important to choose products that can be quickly and affordably replaced. The key to the recovery of flood damaged buildings is their ability to dry out and be cleaned effectively. Selecting finishing materials that can breathe will speed up recovery, or materials that can easily be removed and replaced at lower levels, such as horizontal sheets of plasterboard.

Wipeable surfaces like tiled floors and waterproof kitchen units are just a couple of steps you can take to help you build back better. When your property floods it can come as a real shock, especially if it’s the first time it's happened. The best defence against future flooding is often a combination of both resilience and resistance measures. Again, the building and the materials need to dry out before you look to introduce a more robust system, but waterproof cementitious tanking products can offer a step up from a resilience system, forming part of a wider flood resistance system.

Flood Repairability Products

If you have experienced a flood or want to make flood repair easy and cost effective it’s important to choose products that are easy to replace, and limit damage.

Permagard - Improving Flood Resilience

If you want to find out about home flood protection, speak to Permagard. We offer reliable flood resilience systems for your home with a range of high quality products. You should look to combine these with flood resistant products. If you need support in protecting your property from flooding then contact our team.