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Flood Protection

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Flood Resistant Homes

If your home is at risk of flooding, you will want to do all you can to make it flood resistant. Permagard are proud to stock a range of flood resistant products that will prevent or minimise flood water ingress.

When it comes to flooding, it’s important to strike a balance between flood resistance and flood resilience. If the flood resistant measures available to you become too expensive or impractical, you should look at our flood resilience systems and products. Our resilience range focusses on water-resistant materials and products that are easily repairable following a flood.

Flood resistant designs & construction

A significant part of protecting your property from flooding is to look at flood resistant design and construction. Some new homes are built with flood resistant design in mind. In existing and older buildings, it’s a case of focusing on remedial measures and flood resistant products.

Flood Resistant Products: PermaPROOF

If you live in an area with flood risk, you need to take steps to protect your property and possessions. We stock a range of flood resistant products that prevent or minimise flood water entering the building and damaging its fabric during a flood. We focus on external masonry protection and high quality plasters.

Wall sealants

Renders & Tanking System:

IMPORTANT NOTE: For older and period properties, it’s important to develop a flood strategy that aligns with your risk levels, priorities and building materials. Cementitious tanking is not always an appropriate option and we recommended consulting a professional.


By using a combination of our flood resistant products you can prevent or slow water ingress during flooding. Applying a high performance water-resistant coating such as Microshield Ultra to your external walls is an easy first step towards a flood resistant home.

Permagard flood resistance system

Flood resistance measures

Permagard does not deal with special flood doors and windows, self-closing airbricks, or more traditional flood defences like sandbags and flood boards. Our focus is on the external structure and internal tanking, as well as prioritising repairability within our system. If you have openings where flood water can get in you will need to install flood resistant barriers.

Repairability and Flood Resistance

As mentioned, flood resistance measures are only part of a flood protection strategy. It’s important to consider repairability internally in the event of water ingress. Explore your options for repairability in our Flood Resilience range.

Permagard - Helping Make Properties Flood Resistant

If you want to find out about home flood protection, speak to Permagard. We offer reliable flood resistance methods for your home with a range of high quality products. The best approach is to combine resistance with flood resilience products. If you need support in protecting your property from flooding then contact our team.