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PermaSEAL PRO Green Roof Filter Layer 120 – 1.5m x 100m

£136.00 Ex VAT
£163.20 Inc VAT
A horizontal geotextile filter layer that stops growing medium, soil or substrate from blocking the drainage membrane in a green roof system.
PRO Range

Geotextile separation layer for green roof systems 

PermaSEAL PRO Geotextile 120 is a polypropylene green roof filter fabric that acts as a horizontal filter layer between the drainage and substrate layers. It is designed to let water pass through freely to the drainage membrane but prevent the space clogging up with soil fines or growing medium etc. This filter layer is used in conjunction with our PermaSEAL PRO 40P and 60P Green Roof Drainage & Storage membranes. 

It’s also suitable as a filter layer around land drains in external waterproofing applications.

Installing a Green Roof filter layer

Once the drainage membrane is installed following manufacturer’s instructions, you can then install the green roof filter layer over the top. Once it is in place, you can add your green roof growing medium / substrate. It’s important to pour the substrate along the seams of the filter fabric first in order to keep it taut and stop it sinking into the drainage membrane.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible.

PermaSEAL Geotextile 120 is part of our PermaSEAL green roof systems. Our PermaSEAL range represents quality, value and technical excellence. We only work with the highest quality green roof manufacturers. 

Please contact our technical department if you have any questions. Call us on 0117 982 3282.

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  • UV light stable
  • Recyclable
  • Tough and durable
  • High tear resistance
  • Conforms to GRO requirements for performance for a filter layer
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