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Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex Mesh 1m x 50m Roll

£85.00 Ex VAT
£102.00 Inc VAT

Reinforcing woven fibre-glass mesh for use in the HydroBond 2K-Flex external waterproofing system.

Reinforcing mesh from Newton

Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex Mesh is a reinforcing mesh for use in the HydroBond 2K-Flex system when waterproofing earth retained structures and basements. The reinforcing mesh is made from woven fibreglass yarns that have been coated with an alkaline-resistant latex.  This latex coating prevents the alkaline in cement from degrading the glass fibre, providing a long-lasting and durable Type A waterproofing solution.

The Reinforcing Mesh comes as a 1m x 50 m roll. It is part of the HydroBond 2K-Flex system with:

Applying HydroBond 2K-Flex Mesh

The Mesh is designed to be embedded into the first coat of HydroBond 2K-Flex. Lightly bed the 2K-Flex Mesh into the wet surface with the edge of the trowel and then fully embed the mesh. Once fully embedded and the first coat is dry, you need to apply a second coat to achieve a 4mm cured thickness.

Permagard - Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex suppliers

Permagard are proud to stock a range of Newton Waterproofing products. If you have questions about an external waterproofing project then speak to our experts.


  • Powerful reinforcing mesh
  • Part of HydroBond 2K-Flex bitumen external waterproofing system
  • Alkaline-resistant coating
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