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Newton HydroBond 2K–Flex 30L

£137.00 Ex VAT
£164.40 Inc VAT

Two component bitumen waterproofing membrane used primarily for external waterproofing of earth retaining structures.

Flexible bitumen waterproof coating 

Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex is a bitumen waterproofing membrane, designed for the external waterproofing of earth retaining structures. This two-component radon certified bitumen waterproof coating forms a thick, highly flexible barrier to water ingress. It’s also able to fill in voids and cover cracks up to 5mm.  

When used in conjunction with Newton HydroBond 403 or Newton HydroBond 402-CCSM, Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex provides seamless external protection to basements and below ground structures. It is easy to apply with a trowel or by airless spray machine, and dries quickly becoming rain-fast after a short period.

Newton HydroBond 2K–Flex is solvent free and environmentally friendly. It requires two further products to complete the system:

  • HydroBond 2K-Flex Primer
  • HydroBond 2K-Flex Mesh

Uses of Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex

Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex can be used in the following situations: 

  • Continuous Type A waterproofing and radon protection of retained structures, together with Newton Hydro bond pre-applied membranes
  • Type A waterproofing and radon membrane for basement, foundations and earth retaining walls
  • Smoothing of irregular surfaces prior to application of bitumen-based membranes

How does HydroBond 2K-Flex work?

HydroBond 2K-Flex is made up of two components: a bitumen emulsion and a reactive powder. When mixed together, these two components chemically react to create a firm but highly flexible waterproof and gas coating. The special powder acts as a catalyst, creating a fast reaction time.

Applying Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex

Start by preparing the surface - this includes making good any defects and clearing away previous coatings. You should then prime with Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex primer. The primer should be dry to touch before you apply HydroBond 2K-Flex.

Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex can be applied by trowel or by airless sprayer. When waterproofing, it needs a minimum thickness of 4mm. 

Note: once cured, HydroBond 2K-Flex dries black.

Permagard - Newton HydroBond 2K-Flex suppliers

Permagard are proud to stock a range of Newton Waterproofing products. If you have questions about an external waterproofing project then speak to our experts.


  • Fully-bonded seamless bitumen waterproofing membrane
  • Excellent crack bridging capabilities due to high-quality polystyrene and polymer modification
  • Radon gas certified
  • Environmentally friendly, VOC and solvent-free
  • Low material weight for easy trowel application
  • Fast reaction time
  • Highly flexible and thick
  • Quick-drying and rain-fast after a short period
  • Solvent-free, non-toxic and odourless
  • Non-flammable
  • Sprayable with suitable equipment
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