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DPC Injection Plugs Box of 1000

£30.25 Ex VAT
£36.30 Inc VAT
Multi size plug for insertion into the holes left after damp proofing fluids or creams have been installed.

DPC Hole Plugs

DPC Injection Plugs have been designed for insertion into the 10mm or 12mm holes left after the installation of damp proofing fluids or creams. The DPC Injection Plug caps the hole so there is no need to plug with sand and cement. The multi fin design enables the same plug to be used for both sized holes.

Once installed the DPC Injection Plug creates a colour matched seal to complete the job. Available in two colours: grey (to match the mortar joints) or terracotta (to match brickwork).


Find out more in our advice section about How to Use Damp Proof Injection Cream


  • Suitable for both 10mm and 12mm holes
  • Avoids the need for plugging with sand and cement
  • Available to colour match mortar or brickwork
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