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Liquid DPM 5L

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High quality ready to use liquid applied DPM designed to be applied to floors and walls to provide a quick and reliable waterproof layer.

Liquid Applied DPM 

PermaSEAL Liquid DPM protects floors and walls from moisture in just two coats. All you need to do is brush or roller it straight from the tub on to a sound, clean masonry surface to create a flexible damp proof and vapour proof layer. 

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When a plastic DPM is missing or not practical, this product can be used as a liquid DPM for concrete floors to protect against residual moisture and rising damp. On walls, PermaSEAL Liquid DPM is applied before render and helps block any water ingress from outside. Once cured (often in just one hour), you can cover it over with your preferred flooring or render and wall decoration. 

PermaSEAL Liquid DPM is supplied in black, however to visually confirm coverage between coats the wet liquid appears as a dark blue during application drying to black.

Uses of Liquid DPM

PermaSEAL Liquid DPM can be used for a range of applications:

  • Waterproof layer under screeds and renders
  • Under laminate or loose lay flooring as a DPM or (damp proof membrane)
  • To protect embedded joists in masonry
  • As part of a flood resilience system

Liquid DPM for Floors

Our Liquid DPM paint that can be applied above and below screeds to provide an elastic damp proof membrane for floors. When applied on top of screed, it needs to have a further coating to protect it from damage such as laminate, tiles, vinyl, wood and carpets. PermaSEAL Liquid DPM can also be applied to concrete floors below screeds.

Liquid DPM for Walls

Our Liquid DPM can be used on walls under a render to create a flexible waterproof layer. It is not suitable for applying to plaster. Once cured, the membrane provides protection against penetrating damp, allowing you to decorate with confidence. 

Applying a Liquid DPM

PermaSEAL Liquid DPM is easy to apply. Stir the contents of the bucket well - and it is now ready to be applied by brush or roller to a sound clean surface. It’s that simple. 


Make sure that all surfaces are clean, free of debris and any previous coatings. All existing defects should be repaired. A primer is not required but you can dampen the surface first to help adhesion.

How to apply Liquid DPM to concrete floors

Make sure the substrate is load-bearing and that any laitance is removed mechanically (common on new concrete floors/screeds). You can then apply the first coat with a roller. Once touch dry, the second coat should be applied at right angles to the first. 

How to apply Liquid DPM to walls

When applying PermaSEAL Liquid DPM to walls, we recommend a sandwich system method. This is where you chip off the existing render and then apply the Liquid DPM before applying new render or plaster. 

We recommend two coats are applied for all purposes. All subsequent coats should be applied at right angles to the previous coat. 

Before applying a second coat, allow the first coat to become touch dry. This is typically within one hour. The second coat should be applied within 24 hours of applying the first coat. Once the second coat is dry, you can render over it.   

PermaSEAL - Complete solutions. Made possible.

PermaSEAL Liquid Damp Proof Membrane is part of our complete PermaSEAL range of damp proofing products where quality, value and technical excellence come together. If you have questions around creating a liquid DPM then contact our expert team. You can also read Liquid Epoxy reviews and check out FAQs in the tabs.


  • Hard wearing & flexible DPM
  • Ready-to-use straight from the bucket
  • Quick drying - typically touch dry in 1 hour
  • Low water vapour permeability
  • Can be applied to multiple surfaces
  • Water based & low odour

Liquid DPM in a Flood Resilience System

The Liquid DPM can be used internally up to DPC level and across the slab to isolate the floor. It offers some protection against water from below the slab, as part of a wider flood resilience approach.



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