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PermaSEAL 8 Condensation Strip 250mm x 20m

£11.50 Ex VAT
£13.80 Inc VAT

Effectively collects interstitial condensation from PermaSEAL 8 wall membranes and channels it safely to drainage channels.

Condensation strips for cavity drain systems 

The PermaSEAL 8 Condensation Strip is designed to collect interstitial condensation from the surface of PermaSEAL 8 membranes. This small section of studded cavity drain membrane sits in front of and at the base of the cavity drain wall membrane, directing any condensation down into the drainage system. It is a small but key part of the PermaSEAL cavity drain waterproofing system when the floor build is greater than 60mm. 

The condensation strip features a diagonal stud formation that prevents the 8mm studs from interlocking with the straight line 8mm stud formation of the wall membrane. This maintains an 8mm gap to safely manage condensation.

When do I need a membrane condensation strip? 

A Condensation Strip is required where a screed is to be installed to a depth greater than the 60mm upstand of the drainage channel.

Installing a condensation strip 

The condensation strip needs to be located in front of and at the base of the cavity drain wall membrane. You then need to tape up and over the upstand of the drainage channel to create a completely sealed joint, which can be achieved using PermaSEAL Corner Strip tape. 50mm of the 150mm wide tape is pressed onto the floor membrane and the remaining 100mm of tape is pressed against the upstand and condensation strip. When correctly installed you maintain the gap, allowing for condensation to trickle down into the drainage system.

PermaSEAL - Complete Solutions. Made Possible. 

Our PermaSEAL basement waterproofing system is underpinned by quality, value and technical excellence. If you have any questions about your Type C waterproofing system contact our technical team on 0117 982 3282.



  • Quick and easy way to form a condensation gap
  • Diamond stud pattern prevents interlocking of studs
  • Convenient alternative to using strip of wall membrane
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