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Prestige Heavy Duty Roller Tray 15"

£7.90 Ex VAT
£9.48 Inc VAT

Heavy duty, contractor grade 15 inch roller tray, designed for epoxy floor coatings.

Epoxy Roller Tray

The Prestige Heavy Duty Roller Tray 15 Inch is designed for use with the Harris Delta Epoxy Roller Frame when applying epoxy floor coatings.

The new epoxy roller tray design incorporates a deeper well allowing the tray to hold more paint meaning less time wasted stopping and topping up. Its design also has a sloped roll off area with deep ridges making it easy to remove excess paint and reduce paint waste.

This durable 15 inch tray is suitable for use with most paints and epoxy coatings. It is manufactured from 70% recycled heavy duty plastic which makes it perfect for everyday professional use. The Prestige Heavy Duty Roller Tray is reusable and can be washed out with clean water or in the case of epoxies they can be left to set before removing the solid contents and discarding.


  • Ideal tray for large decorating jobs
  • Deeper well to hold more paint
  • Deep ridged for easy roll-off
  • Sloped to reduce excess paint waste
  • Made from a heavy gauge plastic
  • For use with any rollers up to 15"
  • Made from 70% recycled material
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