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WP Sulfatex Rapid Filler & Tanking Grout 25kg

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Fast setting, waterproofing mortar for grouting and surface filling, can be applied as a slurry or a mortar.

Rapid Filler and Grout

Remmers Sulfatex Rapid Filler is a high quality, mineral, fast setting, dry-mix mortar based on the newest technology. Substrate repairs and building waterproofing can be executed in just one day from just one bag!

Developed from the rapid setting Sulfatex Grout, Sulfatex Rapid Filler has unique properties only found in this product. With a simple addition of different ratios of water, the product can be used to form either a waterproof mortar used as a filler for surface levelling or as a waterproofing grout for waterproofing masonry substrates.

Remmers Sulfatex Rapid Filler Properties:

  • The consistency can be adjusted by the quantity of water added.  You can easily go from grout to a filler consistency that remains stable.

  • Easily and quickly applied to sand-lime brick, brick and concrete substrates

  • Repairs (e.g. joints, holes, broken out areas) and levelling of the waterproofing in just one working operation!

  • When worked as a filler, full-surface layers can be applied up to 20 mm thick and up to 50 mm in indentations

  • National Test Certificate for building waterproofing (PG-MWG)




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Find out more about using a rapid tanking system to fix live basement leaks.


  • Smooth and stable, even in thicker layers

  • Very fast development of strength

  • Resistant to water and frost

  • Sets crack-free

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